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    Hello, I just made an account here and thought I'd post up an intro. I don't know how active I'll be but I'll try to be a contributing member.

    I'm not going to lie my ABDL interests are mainly sexual/fetish. I haven't met the right "mommy" but I'm sure she will come one day. I have a variety of fetishes but I'm going to keep most of them to myself since I want to keep some privacy. What I will say though is that most of them can be "written into" an ABDL lifestyle or fit in nicely into a fetish ABDL lifestyle. I also really really like stuffed animals (dogs/canines, cats/felines, and bears are my favourite but any is good in my books). For me the ideal "play time" would be 24/2 (weekends and some holidays) depending on how much free time available.

    Outside of this I love staying fit and doing various sports mostly the ones you can do by yourself or with a small group (I'm a bit shy and don't really like large groups and organized team sports). Things like apline sports, recreational biking (just to get around) and golf are more my thing. I also like technology and am a huge fan of new technologies. I tend to adopt after the very first "bleeding edge" adopters but before the mainstream adopters.

    I know this is probably longer than most members posts but I'd like to introduce myself so that I can be a good well known member but not too much that I'm easily identifiable.

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    Welcome to ADISC =)

    If you do a bit of nosing, you'll see that most well known members' (first) introductions we're pretty shocking (myself included). Yours is good, but you'll likely become known through your contributions rather than your introduction. We do like a good introduction, but it certainly doesn't really affect whether you'll be a well known member or not.

    If you do contribute something to the site, then you'll certainly be recognised for it. Your reputation score will go up and in time you'll gain access to special forums that are a bit more private than the public ones.

    That said, ADISC is a support community, not a popularity contest. Just be yourself. =)

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