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    Default hi everyone

    Hey folks, Kyle here. I'm 23 and a grad student. I live in Los Angeles usually but am in Connecticut for the summer. Just a diaper lover here, enjoying catching up on some of the forums!

    Favorite diaper = bambinos! Love wearing to bed.

    Just wanted to say hi as I'm going to try posting every once in a while instead of just reading what others write.

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    Welcome to ADISC Kyle =)

    You'll certainly get more out of the site by contributing, rather than just reading what others have to say. Also, check out the IRC chat if you haven't done so already!

    You could also tell us a bit more about yourself. (Almost) everybody here likes diapers, so it doesn't really make you stand out. What are you studying, for example?

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    Hey Kyle! I live in Los Angeles too (well close to there but its eaiser to put that rather than explaining exactly where I am in a suburb of Los Angeles) anyways Welcome to the site and I hope you like it here

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