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Thread: Just ordered my first pack of nappies!

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    Default Just ordered my first pack of nappies!

    Hey peeps,

    As you may or may not have read in my intro post, ive never actually tried wearing before, but thanks to this site ive gone ahead and ordered a pack of 16 to give them a try!

    I bought "cuddlz" because from what i can tell theyre good, but now im nervous of all the things that could go wrong!

    Luckily i live in a student house so theres no risk of them being opened by the wrong person (i hope, worried about that now too)

    What does one do while waiting..

    Not entirely sure why i made this post but its helped to calm my beating heart down a bit

    what do you reckon the first thing i should do once they arrive is?



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    Not knowing your living situation and how much privacy you have, I can't really make a suggestion other than to say you will have to be patient. When I first ordered "stuff", I made do by looking at my product on the internet until they arrived. Sometimes the anticipation is better than the real thing.

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    I know the feeling of I can't wait. Just clam down and they will arrive soon and then the fun will start. The first thing I go when I open a new pack or brand is to fell and smell them. Every brand has there own fell and smell. Good luck and have fun.

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    Just open the pack, take out a nappy, and realise just how great they are :X. I love opening a new pack of nappies, especially when its a brand I haven't tried before.

    When you do put it on, try and get the tapes nice and snug, central, and pull the leg gathers tight (but not too tight). The good thing with cuddlz is the taping zone allows you reuse the tapes several times if you mess up, just make sure you land it on that bit of plastic :P.

    And enjoy

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    I order stuff online all the time so I'm kinda used to waiting. Something about waiting for the package to arrive makes it more exciting for me.

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    I disagree....waiting is boring if necessary....also,if you want to fit into any brands that you can buy in stores,my advice is to get some exercise if required.....

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    You will love the cuddlz

    I actually like the excitement of waiting for a delivery...when they arrive, as others have said, just smell and feel them...they're lovely. As for the fit, I always find the bottom two tapes most important, and nice and tight they should be. Do em up lying down, then stand up and do up the top two tapes...snug but not tight.

    I love a nice dry, fresh one now hehe.

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