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Thread: After my mistake with the whole Hobbes thread...

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    Default After my mistake with the whole Hobbes thread...

    I've been thinking about this for a while and most of the night while I was at work and also while I was working on a novella, I was thinking about how it is time we focused more on the POSITIVE parts of the AB world and forgot about sites like Deeker.

    I know I made a mistake by starting that thread.

    I only started it cause I found the whole Hobbes the Cat thing humorusly stupid and absurd. I found it stupid. I found it a dumb-ass excuse and a vaugely thinned 'Calvin and Hobbes' reference that made me want to throw up when I first heard about it early Monday AM whilst on another AB forum; I wanted a beer instead of my usual Mountain Dew, which I drink instead of coffee.

    I'd spent most of Monday debating on posting that. When I made my post, I did it because I felt that it was humorus, and stupid that they used that cat thing. I thought others would see it the way I did. A stupid way of presenting a website.

    I made a mistake. I feel guilty of producing some unnecessary drama that was not needed here. I have been thinking about this heavily whilst at work last night and online. Just had to decide how to word it.

    I admit, when I first came online I went to Deeker's but only because of the links. I stopped going there when the sightings got too creepy for me and I almost called a friend of mine who works for the FBI. I also didn't make that call cause I knew he would ask me questions about my AB side.

    I made a mistake that is keeping me awake and and making me feel bad about opening a can of worms I should not have.


    If someone wants to rip me apart, accuse me of things, go right ahead... I made a mistake.

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    I dont see anything wrong with you making the thread, and you cant control the way people respond to it. I dont think you made any mistake

    I believe that the important topics (usually the most controversial), are always worth discussing, and should never simply be swept under the rug just to avoid verbal/written conflict.

    The positives about the ab/dl community are important to discuss, but the negatives are just as important. If we never discussed the negative stuff, the world would be much worse place because of it

    I dont see why anyone would want to rip you apart

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    Wow, it's keeping you awake? Don't be so hard on yourself man, it was just a little mistake you made with the intentions of something else. There was some unnecessary drama, but some of it wasn't caused by you, and the stuff that was wasn't done on purpose or anything. Just move on and forget about it, it's not a big deal. We all make mistakes, cheer up.

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    Please don't be so hard on yourself. I'm sorry for contributing to the unnecessary drama; it was partly my fault.

    To be honest, I too find it amusing that they used "Hobbes the Cat". I believe Dan Crosby a.k.a. deeker actually has a cat named Hobbes, I remember it was in a message of the week on deeker a few months ago. Mr.Crosby even posted a picture of Hobbes- he was an orange kitty. So maybe it's Dan Crosby masquerading as his cat? But, I guess we don't need to discuss this any more.

    And I do agree with Racer that it is both justified and downright necessary to discuss the negative aspects of the AB/TB/DL community. The drama that occurred really wasn't your fault; it was the fault of others on the thread (myself included) who could not handle a mature discussion about deeker.

    I still do find the status updates on deeker annoying, especially when people go to or its "successors" to see what's going on there. It does seem very hypocritical to me. But I still don't blame you for starting the thread, especially since you just found out about this on another forum instead of periodically checking deeker to see if it's been resurrected.

    And again, I am sorry for contributing to the drama. Please don't be so hard on yourself and don't lose any more sleep over that thread. Myself and quite a few others on ADISC just need to be more mature when it comes to deeker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WildThing121675 View Post
    I made a mistake that is keeping me awake and and making me feel bad about opening a can of worms I should not have.


    If someone wants to rip me apart, accuse me of things, go right ahead... I made a mistake.
    If you made a mistake--which I'm not sold on--then you've made a mistake. These things happen.

    Hell, even I will occasionally make a mis-step, awesome-ness that I am.

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    Your intent was just to inform us of the status of the site. There will be those who think it's annoying, but I wouldn't call it a mistake. Don't worry too much about it.
    Everyone makes mistakes, even awesome people like h3g3l. :3

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    Nothing wrong with making the thread, just they get repetitive, quickly, Remember guys the less we talk about him, the less we need to care.

    If you hate the man then don't make threads on him, simple, that's the attention he craves, and why a lot of members are hypocrites.[COLOR="Silver"]

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    Hey if that is all that you feel is wrong your life is good . do not let it get you down . I just had a thread go way wrong asked moo to delete it to much hate from it .
    At some point I hope that we can laugh at our selves . You did ok in my book . Foxkits

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