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Thread: Whats up with diaperspace?

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    Default Whats up with diaperspace?

    Does anyone know whats up with diaperspace lately? I cant get mine to load correctly

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    most likely it's just diaperspace being, well diaperspace.

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    I've been wondering the same thing its been down for 3 days I believe.

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    I was thinking there upgrading there servers. I know another site I was on did it and it took over a week to get it up and running. I miss the chat.

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    I'm just wondering if they still have enough visitors to keep the site up... When it has been up, it hasn't been updated in ages.


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    Default Is diaper space down

    I been trying to get on diaper space for past few days and I can't get on the site and is anyone else have this problem.

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    Down for everyone or just me?

    Weird it says it's up, ah well

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    Most of the videos on that website do not really work anyway,so it does not truly matter,in my honest opinion.....

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    I can't access it either, from my home internet connect, or my best friends connection, so it's not just you.

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