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Thread: Would you date someone who's....

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    Default Would you date someone who's....

    Pretty simple question. You're going on one of two blind dates. The only thing you know about the first person is that she's attractive and successful. The only thing you know about the second person is that she's attractive, successful, and extremely patriotic. Who do you go out with?

    I bought Chuck Klosterman's Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs because I've got a lot of free time at work right now. He's got an essay about Billy Joel, and in it he explains how, several months before 9/11, he asked all his friends the above question.

    Only one of his friends said he'd date the extremely patriotic person. That same person got outraged that no one else said they'd do it. The rest of his friends view patriotism as a downside.

    "I was mostly just amused by how everyone seemed to think extremely patriotic people weren't just undateable, but totally fucking insane. One of them wrote that the quality of 'patriotism' was on par with 'regularly listening to Cat Stevens'".
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    Well, I don't really care if she likes Canada, I like it enough for the both of us. As long as she isn't being disrespectful towards the country (e.g. flag burning, publicly announcing Canada to be a "lesser country", etc) then I don't really care.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephiel View Post
    lol, slow down, man! I had to write the poll options!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    lol, slow down, man! I had to write the poll options!
    You didn't post what you thought...

    Also, LIES!

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    Uh....after good-looking and successful, patriotic doesn't add a lot for me.

    I consider myself patriotic, but I also think patriotism is a pretty hard term to define. In my book, a person can be against a current government or national policy and still be patriotic. I feel more strongly about human rights than national borders. Sure, I would like 'good looking', and wouldn't mind 'successful', but ethical principles are pretty important to me. Perhaps patriotism fits under that category...maybe not. Hard to say.

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    Haha...I had forgotten Chillhouse that you're Canadian. That changes my answer. Yes, I'd date a Canadian who was patriotic. American patriots typically are right wing Fox News nuts. Okay, maybe not...but the implication is there. Even though I voted no, the idealistic notion of being patriotic is noble. We should all love our countries because we are a part of them, and the country our home. But like an earlier poster said, we have the moral obligation to stand up when we think our country is wrong. How can we ever improve as nations if we don't identify problems, talk about them, and then do better. Maybe those people are the best patriots a country can have.

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    Hard to say, while patriotism wouldn't turn me off, if they took it too far it would probably drive me insane. I can understand being proud of your country, or having a bias towards it compared to other ones.

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    Can I still watch my illegally downloaded Japenese Anime, and Live Actions if we date and move in with each other? Anyways I could deal with a candian one not an american one.

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    Edited poll by thread starter's request, inserting "extremely" into second answer.

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    Patriotic is fine. Canada's a great country. But it has its share of problems, and extremely patriotic people tend to be... a little insane.

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