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Thread: One good day to everybody!

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    Default One good day to everybody!

    Howdy folks,

    I'm a bit reluctant, so I'll be short and maybe incomplete or lacking for a proper introduction - please bear with me.

    My screen name here is Cozy Zee Rho, which is just part of an anagram of my real name. Please don't try to guess my real name.
    I am of a certain age, of which I am not (yet) comfortable sharing just now. I live in a European country, one that is member of the European Union. Again, not sure if I want to tell anyone now.

    I might disclose more information at some point, if I feel like it.

    I have browsed this forum two or three times and decided to just hop onboard. If at some point I want to leave or become uninterested I'll just be off.

    I am not quite sure what I am actually doing here, but if there's any issues going I'd be glad to help out even with my lacking (which is bar none) experience.

    I am also very new to these kinds of communities, and I'm not very sure whethere I'll like it or not. I am very active on less 'obscene' - if I may call it so - forums, and I don't expect this forum to be much different, even though the subject matter is somewhat out of the ordinary (as I see it).

    Maybe I'll write more tomorrow.



    Part II:

    Alright, so I could say I am somewhat interested in and intrigued by the paraphilia that is the central subject matter - paraphilic infantilism (that's what it is, right?).
    Judging from various thoughts (maybe dreams as well), I could be 'one of you', but I have never seriously acted to it (so I might not be in the end), and am a bit reluctant to do so. So for now, let's just say I'm interested.

    My interests include mostly music-related things and I'm quite solitary in this, althrough I would love to work together with someone - whether it be locally or over the net. If you want me to tell more about this, feel free to ask.
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    you said you like music, what do you listen too? I'm a classical Guy, I love classical music sooo much! what about you?

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    Thank you.

    Interesting! I like some hits from the Classical world like Air from Bach, and of course Pachelbel's Canon (love that rant that is on YouTube!).
    I am not sure if I want to say anyting about it out of fear of getting caught hanging out on this forum, but as someone once told me, life's just too short to worry about things like that. And right he is.

    I am very much into modern country, I love Jewel Kilcher's new album 'Sweet and Wild' and am still waiting for Taylor Swift's third album I used to be very obsessive about her, she's just too perfect (in my eyes at least)!
    Besides that I love guitar music, classical guitar also, but mostly steel-string fingerstyle like Michael Hedges (I call him the Godfather of modern fingerstyle) and Pierre Bensusan (awesome self-taught guitarist, has a new album out), or the more modern names like Andy McKee, Don Ross and Antoine Dufour.
    I went to see Andy in concert in Cologne in April, it was a great experience.

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    Welcome to the community, CozyZeeRho!

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