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Thread: Rawr~! & hellos

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    Smile Rawr~! & hellos

    well i thought since i got the message that i am a lurker that i would finally be brave enough to introduced myself rofl i am a bit of a shy fox when it comes to the AB / DL area but i do try to express my interest here & there. i been in the furry fandom for almost 10 years, 6 of which i been openly in the Babyfur community. i am heavy into MMO's & other rpg style games but that doesn't rule out that i do enjoy FPS or anything that isn't rpg. i do enjoy cubbing out with close friends & people i know here & there. i am also on SL under Lilalukit mochi but usually on there i do express myself more then i do in person or on any im client with my babyfur side. i would love to have the chance to meet up on SL or another form of messaging client to find others like myself out in this crazy world. on a side note i do go by lil alukit or plain old alukit if you like it, so feel free to reply or sent me a message i promise i will try to be more out going then i have been ^.^

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    Hello, Lilalukit. Welcome to ADISC!! Hope to see you on the forums.


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    thank you ^.^ i will try my best also if your a xbox 360 player my name is alukit on there as my Gamer tag

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    Hi, welcome to ADISC. Just a small peice of advice, I wouldn't reccomend posting your GamerTag or any other screen names you commonly use, unless you're COMPLETELY comfortable with the possibility of anyone that knows you by that/those names finding you on here.
    Anyway, I'm a big FPS/RPS fan too, nice to meet you.

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    welcome, play any good RPGs lately?

    Also, if you don't mind me asking, what does alukit mean? (if anything)

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    Do you play WoW? if so there are others of us.

    and Welcome

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    Welcome to the community Lilalukit!

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