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    Default Sleep habits, getting up to pee, metabolism

    As a low-stress individual, I find sleep easy to come by. I lie down and let go of the steering wheel, and I fall asleep within 10 minutes or so. At one time a few years ago I went through a great deal of exercise and began drinking water, and so my body required less sleep (about an hour less on average).

    My job puts me on the road 4 days out of the week: 4 days of waking up early (typically 6:30), standing in place and talking animatedly to large crowds for 11 hours, some errands, and going to bed late (typically 12:00). This has forced my body to adjust to less time asleep: whereas before this job I would "sleep in" for 10-12 hours, I still only need 8.

    What I'm curious about is that in the past month, I've found myself reliably getting up to use the bathroom, something which I've never done for 6 years. I'd always either hold it in until morning, or if I was in a diaper, I'd let it out unconsciously. Whatever the case, it's too uncomfortable to go back to bed unless I use the bathroom. My question is why this habit has formed, seemingly out of nowhere. There are several possible explanations.

    (A) It's possible that my bladder has shrunk due to me being partially dehydrated during the day.

    (B) Forcing my body to adapt to a low-sleep schedule caused my metabolism to speed up to compensate, and so healing occurs quicker and more urine is produced.

    (C) In maximizing sleep efficiency, my body decided that removing the discomfort of a full bladder is now necessary, and I can't just "tank" through the night.

    (D) Underlying medical/psychological/emotional problems that warrant a trip to the doctor. (joke)

    Maybe I have it all figured out already, but what are your thoughts on the issue? It's not entirely important, but anytime something unusual happens with my body I like to figure out the why and the how.

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    Just an unrelated curiosity which might not help the whole sleep thing, when you get up to pee, do you switch lights on to see and stuff? Just a melatonin-based curiosity.

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    Sleep is a very, VERY mysterious part of our lives. I used to sleep on my side, and since a while I sleep on my belly! I guess sleeping habits can change randomly with time.

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    Maybe your body is responding to the stress of your job and travel by not fully sleeping. Are you dreaming at night? If you aren't falling into REM then your body probably doesn't know that it isn't asleep and thus the chemical your body produces in sleep to slow down your natural processes isn't accuring. Do you drink alchohol before sleep? That can affect whether you have to pee at night. Hmm, on the other hand you do have to pee at night, as a non-medical sort I would subscribe diapers to remediate your problem (my attempt at a joke). Good luck.

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    The human experence is a strange and varied thing... I go through spells where for months I have to get up to pee at 2 0r 3 AM then for a year or two I'll sleep through the night. The worst are the spells where I have to get up to pee 1/2 hour before my alarm clock set at 6:15AM. I am a long term DL at age 51 and still cannot use my diaper upon waking, I must get up to go either in toilet or diaper though I can go if I've just laid down.

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    I can't really say, but it may have something to do with having less sleep. I can't say for certain, because it never really happens to me.

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    Not only are you functioning on less sleep, but because of that, you may be experiencing more stress than you think. My sleep/bladder patterns tend to change. During the school year, I get up at 5:45 to get my wife off the dialysis machine. I then get ready for work. I don't come home until 4, where I then get her machine prepared for the night dialysis. We have dinner, and I go off to my next job. I come home around 9 and start the process all over again, with getting her on the machine and then blogging here until I cave in exhausted. My whole body routine swings from one extreme to the other, and I sleepwalk through life.

    So yes, more may be happening to you behind the subconscious scene than you think.

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