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    hewo every one on this wonderful site. been lurking for a bit and decided to post a introduction for every one to see. im not to great at these kinds of things so ill give it my best. ^.^

    so lets start of with the basic things.

    1. I'm a 25 year old going on 2 or 3. can never make up my mind.
    2. I'm also a babyfur (a tiger cub if ya wanted to know )
    3. i think i have been into the whole ab/dl/bf thing now for about 15 years. (tho really its been all my life just never had a label for it)
    4. i work a pretty mundane job for a living but i also produce music and dj on the side, would love to make it a full-time career.
    5. i love to play video games and mtg tho i wouldn't call my self a hardcore gamer just something to do when i get a chance.
    6 i love to meet new people and hang out with friends when i can..nothing better then snuggles while cubbed out or not.

    some people/fur call me cute and cubby but i don't always agree with them <.< tho i do try to be a good tiger i can be bratty too ^.^; ... umm well i cant really think of much more so ill end it here with some contact info just in case anyone cares to chat.

    [removed contact information - do not post that in the public forum!]

    well everyone have a great day and/or night.

    p.s. sorry if my grammar isn't great never been good at it

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    Welcome! I hope you like it here!
    I also wanted to ask what video games do you play/ do you play WOW?
    and, what music do you listen to? I love music too.
    sorry if my response seems disjointed. :P
    and Welcome Again!!

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    thanks for the warm welcomes everyone.
    well i play a lot of video games tho i don't normally play mmo's just dont have the time to invest in it. i play mostly consle games right now to many to name off right now. x.x
    i listen to most every kind of music tho my favorites are of the elcetronica type.
    i dj mostly different types of electronica focusing on dubstep,drumnbass,trance,psytrance,hiphop, and many more @[email protected]

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    Welcome to ADISC dude, by the way, great introduction.

    Just a small suggestion: if you aren't comfortable with anyone/everyone that knows those screen names finding your ADISC profile, you are definitly going to want to take those out of your post. I just Googled "@DjMorphyDaTiger" for the heck of it, and THIS THREAD was the third result on the page.
    If you are totally open about your (AB/DL/BF) side, thats great, but I figured you could use a heads-up just in case. ^_^

    On a lighter note: Nice to meet you, you seem like a funny dude, and welcome again!

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    hehe yeah i am pretty open about my babyfur side so i don't mind if it shows up places on the net. I don't normally use my real name and if i do i don't mind at all just goes with being a open babyfur.

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    Welcome to ADISC

    I see you managed to find the IRC chat as well. As I said in IRC, I'm pretty sure our paths crossed in the real world briefly a few years back. I hope you'll like the site.

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