I thought I would invite y'all to share your experiences traveling while in diapers this summer - or maybe what you plan to do. I'll start by sharing my own recent trip.

I went to FLA recently to visit a mommy (whose name I'll keep private even with private connections to respect her wish to control who contacts her) and that involved flying in diapers (double bambinos under some rather loose fitting shorts) on the way out and on the way back. I usually do not go to a destination in diapers, since it is awkward to try to dispose of a wet diaper when I am at relatives houses - they do not know about my diapers. I did do a change in Denver in a fairly empty restroom. I pulled the tapes off quickly and in pairs.

While there we made a makeshift onesie out of a T-shirt by pulling the hem down on either side of the diaper and putting diaper pins in it to hold it snug. I said that if I really had guts I would wear the onesie through airport security to see if they find the diaper pins. Well, I did get guts enough and went merrily through the line up to the scanner. Those of you who do cloth will know what happened next - I went right through without a ping. And here I was expecting to have to do some explaining. Of course, they had that old grandma sitting in the booth for extra screening while Osama Been Diapered waltzes right on through!

One very odd feature of the flight was that the flight had three legs and all of it was on one airplane. It's not very easy to manage, cuz if the plane is on time it means no ACTUAL meals since they normally do not let you off the plane. We were early enough in St. Louis that I went off to change a wet diaper, and this restroom was packed. But again if you just rip the tapes off quickly and in pairs, well, people might recognize what it is, but they don't say anything. Seems that if you don't make a long ordeal out of it, others won't either. I think this time, though, I took the wet diaper home in my carryon.

Got a bit too cozy when I got to the home airport. On the shuttle to the airport parking, I found that my shorts had a wet spot in the lower behind. Oops.