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Thread: Kids.Woot! may have an AB working for them

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    Default Kids.Woot! may have an AB working for them

    I check woot! everyday and found this today:


    I wish I knew how to quit quilt

    When people look at me, what do you think they see? A strong, successful, self-made, self-sufficient, alpha male, damn straight. Iíve made and lost small fortunes. Iíve fought and won difficult battles in business, local politics, amateur MMA events, and small claims court. Iíve mastered my own destiny. Iíve heard the lamentations of the women.

    Which is why Iíd rather people didnít know about my binky.

    Link here: Wootģ : One Day, One Deal

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    I wouldn't really call that AB, but it's a great little story nonetheless.

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