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Thread: new little one

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    Red face new little one

    hi... i'm plato, but most people just call me gavin... since it's my name!

    ummm... i like making new friends and i'm in the TN area so..... HI!

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    Greetings, welcome to ADISC, any interests you wanna share like World Domination, Saving the World before Bedtime, Beating up Bears and Jews(you know I love you all ) trying to steal your money, etc, etc.

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    of course! sorry for being so vague!

    i'm a musician by trade.... um i like video games, pandas, POWER! (muahahaha) and hanging with my mama

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    Welcome fellow musician!!!
    you said youre a musician like: I play in a band, I play guitar; I play guitar hero and im really good (thus not a real musician) :P ; or I love Ludwig van Beethoven; which catigory do you fall in. I am definitely in the third. it would be fun to be in a Band and all that but I am a major nerd so yeah.
    where do you fall in the grand spectrum of music?

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    silly me! sorry! i'm a concert euphanist. i play euphonium. i'm a music education major in college. i'm not a fan of beethoven... more of dietrich buxtehude, dominico scarlotti, and opera composers of the romantic period.
    Euphonium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Hey gavin. You forgot to mention you're a Mod for the infantilist guild on gaia. XP

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    you dont have to show me what a euphonium is... this is wierd but I play euphonium i didnt know there were more of us out there. you play with your 4th valve up top with your pinkey or down with your left hand?

    that is so wierd. lol

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    that too!!! thanks :3

    compensating! (side with left)
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    GAV GAV! *Huggles tight* Gavin is my twin bwotha! I swear >_> <_< >_> anyways.... *Hugs*

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