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Thread: Donnie Darko Sequel

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    Default Donnie Darko Sequel

    It takes play 7 years after Donnie Darko and is about Donnie's little sister. The question is did she "squeeze one out" when she was in the 8th grade?

    If you never seen Donnie Darko go out and rent the directors cut copy of it. Its the best movie you never seen.

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    The directors cut? No, go and rent the original cut...

    Anyway, this is the first I've heard of this, and my initial thought is that I'll definitely see it, but probably will be disappointed.
    I doubt this sequel was planned from the beginning, and most sequels for the sake of sequels are terrible.
    And it has a different director... a much bigger budget... I have a bad feeling about it.

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    Well some good actors seems to be in the movie such as Ed Westwick and Justin chatwin, but it feels that wont save the movie. the first movie ended in a way that should make it pointless for a sequel to come if you really understood the ending. An original idea and making a sequel would only destroy & ruining that whole idea!

    and what I saw on Wiki

    "Also... the main evil mastermind behind S. Darko is a producer named Adam Fields. He had a credit on the first film but was not involved (because no one could tolerate his psychotic behavior) so he hates us, has been trying to sue us, and this is his "revenge"

    so yeah there we have a guy who is making a movie just to piss off some people...stupid

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    Is a pity... I like trippy movies... and I'd like to see a good one... I'd hope that it's okay to watch and not just crappy...

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    I thought Donnie Darko was the bomb when I saw it (saw the Director's Cut at a one-night screening once here a few years back, though I know of that the original cut is supposedly better).

    All I can say is generally sequels off of movies like this are usually poop. I hope its not but I just think its really unnecessary.

    Thats just me though.

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    Looks like they are about to officially kill my favourite none-childrens movie.

    Seriously. The first film is one of the most masterful pieces of art ever.

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    Not such a bad movie, confusing at first though. I saw the movie in my psychology class when we were learning about disorders.

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    I think that the original version of Donnie Darko is the better one, but if people enjoy that, they should definitely see the director's cut as well. It doesn't replace the original cut by any means, but there are some nice added scenes that are worth rewatching it for, though it spells things out a little too clearly for me. If they'd just left The Philosophy of Time Travel as a DVD extra, I'd probably recommend the director's cut. As it is, you should really only watch the director's cut first if you don't like having to think about movies to figure out how exactly they make sense. I imagine it's much easier to watch the director's cut after the original version than the other way around...

    S. Darko seems pretty unnecessary, but I like Daveigh Chase, so I'll probably see it, though I don't expect anything all that good. However, that's the first I've heard of the quote from Richard Kelly, and I would take it with a grain of salt... Just because it's posted on Wikipedia doesn't mean it's true, especially considering that there's no source listed. And I really don't see why having a bigger budget would make anybody have a bad feeling about it... It still isn't all that big, and I'm sure that Richard Kelly would have loved to have had that much money. It only makes sense that they'd get more money for a movie that has had a decent amount of success (on DVD, at least), as opposed to a bunch of people wanting to make a movie nobody had heard of.

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    I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be some cruddy sequel movie that doesn't even go to theaters (Hollowman 2, Butterfly Effect 2)...I just hope this one doesn't completely suck (which it probably will)...Because I like the first one...

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    There's one thing I love more than really great movies (like Donnie Darko), and that's terrible movies.

    Bring it on. I hope it sucks. I will love it even more if it does!

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