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    Smile Hello...finally

    Well after lurking for some time I made an account and figured I would finally make an introduction thread. I didn't intend for write so much so whether you read it or not I thank you for letting me join your community.

    For starters my name is Jason. I'm an 18 year old soon to be college student from upstate New York. For the most part I am your average teenager. I am very much into photography and would love to one day travel the world as a professional photographer. I love to play sports like football or basketball or just hang out with my friends. I also love going to the beach or just relaxing listening to music. But I'm a fairly shy person due to my Pectus excavatum, though it doesn't really affect my health I am horribly self-conscious about it. I try to tell as few people as possible and have some tough times because of it but feel like I can be more open about it here. I assume that this condition is another reason why I find comfort in diapers, it brings me back to a time where it did not define me.

    I only recently begin to explore my DL side that I ignored for so long. I think it all began for me about 10 maybe 11 years ago at my grandmother's house. Her dog was sick so she had bought a pack of diapers to tape to him so he would not get the house dirty which at the time I thought was quite weird. I had gone in to use her bathroom when I saw that turquoise bag of pampers sitting by the sink. Just looking at them gave me this irresistible urge to put one on. The sound, the feel, the smell, everything about the diaper gave me comfort and warmth. My grandmother soon found out I was wearing it and scolded me but I was still able to sneak one home to enjoy. Since then I was only able to get a diaper here and there. Only last Monday did I finally get up enough courage to go and buy a pack of diapers. Because I'm a fairly skinny person I bought a pack of pampers baby dry size 6 and with a little reinforcement on front tabs they fit me well.
    I look forward to becoming part of your community.

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    Welcome to the community, JayJay!

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    Welcome to ADISC

    I think you're the first person I can recall who was "triggered" by diapers used on a dog. Seems like it wound up expressing itself the same way, though. Read around get a feel for the place and post when you find something that calls out to you. Have fun!

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    Am I the only one who finds your 'disability' strangely curious and badass? Have you ever considered hiding stuff in there? I totally would.

    Rest assured, I think it's AWESOME.

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    Thanks for the welcome guys. I'm not sure if that incident was what originally triggered me but it is definitely a memory that stands out lol. i gotta say few people find my "disability" badass but i can and have used it to hide things before haha.

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    College in upstate New York? You wouldn't happen to be referring to RIT, would you?

    Welcome to ADISC. Great intro, hope you have fun.


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    I'm not that far upstate, closer to Albany but for the time being I'd rather not say which school I'm attending lol.

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