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Thread: I am back after an extended absence...

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    Default I am back after an extended absence...

    So, here we go, it has been quite some time since I was last on the site. So here we go: For those of you who know me around the site, I have gotten two jobs recently one working in a factory that does classified stuff for $9.05/hr and the other job is being a caregiver / caretaker / personal assistant for a friend of mine making $11.20/hr so... yea I have been busy...

    So, here is my introduction:
    Hello all I am Dixon and I am 21 (more like 8-12 with my fursona ) I am a diaper liker / adult little kid and i am also a furry when you see me in chat feel free to talk to, I am very easy to get along with :p
    I am interesting in many types of subjects, namely music cars, and technology
    so... yea...

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    I was gone for a good 6-9 months give or take, I just felt like announcing that I was back with a vengeance :p

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    Welcome back! I had been wondering where you had wandered off to. What does that caretaker-job entail? Is that like an AB caretaker, or more like nursing like people who work in a retirement home?

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    The caretaker-job entails cleaning her apartment, cooking for her, doing her laundry, taking the trash out... etc It is a fairly easy job.

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