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Thread: Better diapers

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    Default Better diapers

    I was just thinking, the huggies pull-ups have all these cool things in them like the designs fading when you're wet and the 'feel wet to learn' stuff. Wouldn't it be cool to have that made by an abdl diaper manufacturer (like bambinos) so that we could enjoy it too? Obviously there are some copyright/patent laws to get by, but isn't it a cool idea?

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    No, not really. Cool Alerts completely blow (trust me on this), and 'extended wear' diapers already have wetness indicators on them.

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    eh but what if those indicators were cute little bunnies, flowers, or rainbows! it hink it would be cute

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    The cool alert sorta works, if you hit it just right. I had a pack of 19 of them, and out of those 19 I think I felt the "cool alert" on like 5 of them. If you actually hit it, it does work. I am on ABU's mailing list, and according to their last email they are designing an adult pullup similar to a child's pullup. So your dream may soon becoming a reality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by curiousitykitten View Post
    eh but what if those indicators were cute little bunnies, flowers, or rainbows! it hink it would be cute
    I think it would be cute too

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    I will have to keep an eye out for postings about this pullup.
    I would definately try it once abuniverse released it, hope they have gender specific designs on them...

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    I've always preferred to have my diapers without the added features that they tend to add to baby diapers and training pants these days, but I really wouldn't mind it if it doesn't increase the price/performance of the diaper ^_^.

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    I would SO be down for that. I prefer diapers with baby designs and they're even better when they're gender specific. It's really why I only use Pull-Ups and Goodnites.

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    I think it would be pretty cute. Would I buy them? maybe, undecided on that.

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    There are times when I wish the vendors who keep us in mind (ABU/Bambino/Etc) would actively post on here... Would probably help sell. (Dunno if there's something here against vendors, but maybe something dedicated to them where they can add in comments or posts to help users etc)

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