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Thread: I need some help/advice !!!!!!!

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    Default I need some help/advice !!!!!!!

    So I'm 17 and i live with my mom, right now I'm recovering from a massive leg injurie and I'm unable to get diapers. Lately I've been telling myself that I'm a loser and I shouldn't wear diapers, I'm thinking about surpressing my feelings about diapers because I'm worried about getting caught, some days i feel like i should wear diapers and others I like that i shouldn't. I need some help/advice on what i should do ????!!!!!!!!!

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    You're going tought the Binge Purge Cycle. Binge/purge cycle - ADISC Wiki

    That might help read up on it dude We all go trough it.

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    You're going through what many of us experience. Being guys, we typically want to live up to that which society dictates, being a man. Yet the desire for us can be powerful. It certainly is for me, especially since it's sexual. It's helpful to realize that many people have something in their sex life that is outside the norm. Society is uncomfortable with anything that is different, and so criticizes it, or makes fun. Living with that conflict is very difficult. Ultimately you have to just shrug your shoulders and ignore the dictates of society, since society is nothing more than a collection of average people. Many people are idiots so who cares what they think. You are the one that has to be happy.

    The problem comes when we find a significant other, in particular, a sexual relationship. There are two directions when that happens, either to tell your partner and hope they are accepting, or suppress the desires and be satisfied with sexual gratification from another in a more traditional way. Only you can make that decision, but it's not easy.

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    I hate to quote myself, but I think this advice applies to you too:

    Any phychologist will tell you that trying to get rid of a fetish is generally a bad idea, unless it's something illegal or unhealthy. (For example, asphyxiation fetish, suprisingly common)
    That's not to say that one couldn't "go away", but conciously suppressing something almost always comes back to haunt you eventually.

    "A man should not strive to eliminate his complexes but to get into accord with them: they are legitimately what directs his conduct in the world. "
    --Sigmund Freud

    My advice would be to accept yourself for who you are, and try not to think about it too much. By the way, being AB/TB/DL doesn't make you a looser, I promise! =)

    Newbies are people too!
    [/Imaginary Signature]

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    in mostly all folks we go true binge , i have many times and it just keeps coming its not something that will totaly go away you can throw all of your stuff out to only it coming back later in time , you just have to accept this part of yourself and yea we all feel like a weirdo cause of it at some time of another ,

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