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Thread: ebay?

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    Question ebay?

    I'm thinking of maybe ordering some vintage Goodnites / pampers size 7/ 4t-5t pull-ups on ebay. is the shipping discrete? Any suggestions? thanks

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    Subtlety of the shipping depends on the seller. If the description doesn't say anything about it, you could always just ask them how discreet the shipping is.

    You should also have a look at the seller's feedback to see how reliable they are and if anyone has had any issues when buying from them.

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    My vintage goodnites were very discreetly shipped in a fedex bag... I bet it's the same seller

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    Oh and the old vintage diapers are still wearable/ in good condition?

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    Yes, very soft, comfortable. Somewhat leaky compared to the modern designs!

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    care to share pictures?

    Maybe not of yourself, but of the product at least.

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