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Thread: surprised to see such a community!

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    Cool surprised to see such a community!

    And here I thought being a DL made you a one in a million or a weirdo with nobody to talk to. I just registered and haven't had a chance to really read much yet but hope to chat more soon! It's just great to see so many others I can talk about diapers with.

    Been interested in wearing diapers since forever, maybe age 6, but had only very rare access to diapers. Just recently found diapers could be bought online and am loving it. (was pretty disappointed with depends etc found in the local drug stores) I'm currently enjoying Bambinos, surprised I haven't encountered any posts discussing them so far, going to have to see how the Search feature here works I guess. I wear them because they're specifically meant for DL's like myself, are a really high quality diaper, and I can afford them. (they are comparatively expensive) They'll even send you a sample 2pk for cheap and have discrete shipping. (not an ad, just an endorsement!)

    Besides being a DL, I also have a very shy bladder, and until a year ago could not pee in a public restroom while anyone else was in the room, certainly not in the adjacent stall/urinal! I found the same inhibition in wetting my diaper in bed, so I'm benefiting from being able to retrain my bladder to be under my own control by learning to wet my diaper while laying in bed. I'm making real progress with that, so my DL turns out to have a practical application which is great. Only wetting thanks, not interested in #2.

    I was expecting to see 95% of the posts from guys - everything I've read to this point shows around that percent of DL are guys, which was disappointing. But from the few threads I've ran through so far it looks like more gals here than guys which is surprising. Now if only I could hook up with a gal with similar interests

    See you in the threads! -- Bambinod

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    Welcome to SCIAD

    I can tell you right now, there are a LOT less girls than guys.

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    WEIRDO THIS ISN'T A DIAPER SITE! It's a uhhhh....ummm Necrophilia site Yeah! that's it! So what do you like most about doing corpses?

    Welcome to ADISC heres a corpse and a closet, you have 20 minutes.

    anyways welcome to ADISC for real, have fun and don't listen to Gassha she's the Special Snowflake of the site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoh View Post
    don't listen to Gaasha she's the Special Snowflake of the site.
    I think this is now the official disclaimer of the site. But now I will give you a real intro response since I am a pro at this. Welcome to ADISC, a real site here to help people with their questions and their overall stuff concerning the *B/DL community. Yes, we are a tight knit community but support is in our name here. And to dispel any rumors already, I am a guy here but I have already been claimed by someone (previous poster ). So, aside from the aforementioned wackiness, do you have any hobbies or interests that you would like to share?

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    Welcome to ADISC! What are some of your other, "normal" interests or hobbies? (Although I hate the word "normal", XD)
    Do you skateboard? Bungee jump? Hunt fleas with a shotgun?
    I'm Descolada, and I like PC games and fantasy books. I'm also ADISC's first "Newbie Rights Activist".

    Newbies are people too!
    [/Imaginary Signature]

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    They are a lots of guys here.... Very few females... But they are many compared to other sites.... So yeah Welcome to Adisc. ^^

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    Good to hear you're liking the place! We'd love to know about any interests or hobbies you have outside of the AB/DL stuff, so what else do you do? I think you mentioned you're another programmer if you're the same chap from the IRC. There's a lot of tech heads here, and a lot of programmers in specific. You might want to join the programming group, it's not too active but you could definitely start a fun thread

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