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Thread: *shy wave* Hey :)

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    Smile *shy wave* Hey :)

    Hi there, I'm Renee, I'm 28 from Lexington,KY, and happily single.
    I'm not terribly interesting in and of myself, I enjoy reading, movies, painting/drawing. Sometimes when the stars align, I like to write.
    Also a longtime WoW addict.

    I've been into diaperplay/ageplay I guess for a long time, for as long as I can remember and only just recently became aware there was a broad community that was similar to me in that regards. Though, from my time of lurking here a little, I learned there are nice people here, and would like to be friends.

    Hope I get to meet more of you soon!

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    Hi and welcome.

    Yea, I didn't learn there was a comunity of AB/DLs till i was 16.
    It was somthing I sort of used to ignore.

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    Thank you, Ikrit!

    I've never known anyone in my real life who had the same feelings I do about this sort of thing, and I always felt a little bit strange, wondering if something was wrong with me. I'm still reluctant to tell anyone, but as least there's always understanding people online.

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    some people may not understand, my best advise to you is that you don't have to tell anyone.
    I've only told my mom becuse I still lived with her, I'd hate for her to run into it by accident

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    *waves back from Nashville*

    Hi Renee...and welcome to a much larger world!

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    Welcome to the site! I consider myself a gamer but I still haven't ever played WoW, only Blizzard games I own are Diablo and Diablo II (with Lord of Destruction)

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    Thank you all!

    Cool Teh! I still enjoy Diablo II now and then, I've been meaning to do the campaign quests again in Warcraft III as well.

    Cool to have a neighbor here too! xD
    Also, I love your avatar.
    <tape tape> "All too easy.."

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    Welcome, you seem like a cool guy! I think a lot of us discovered these sorts of things after our teen years due to repression or something, but it's a good thing you found us at some point at least!

    Also, we need to talk about your name. There can be only one LB! :P (nah it's fine, the all caps LB just caught my eye)

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    Thank you
    Actually... *blush* it might be a good idea if I change it. I didn't think of this before I signed up here!

    LB is actually an abbreviated name of a guild I was in, in World of Warcraft. It's LichBane. Sowwy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FadeLB View Post
    Cool to have a neighbor here too! xD
    Also, I love your avatar.
    <tape tape> "All too easy.."
    HAHA! Sooo true!

    And thank you. If ya couldn't tell I'm a big Star Wars fan. :-)

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