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Thread: I can't think of a good avatar

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    Default I can't think of a good avatar

    I get this whenever I join a forum and it is very annoying. I can't think of an avatar. I can never think of anything I like enough to have as one.

    So I was wandering, how did you guys choose your avatars?

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    My love of cows =D...I take my own pics of my stuffed cows...And voila...Moo has one of my cows as an avatar too n__n

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    Um, same reason as Pojo! I had this avatar a long time ago on another forum but I forgot about it. It's so cute

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    Just pick something, or nothing in my case, that interests you it could be something you own and can take a pic of or something you just like to look at.

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    I can sympathize.

    I like Naruto so a Naruto avatar was a no brainer, problem is I always come across a better avatar shortly thereafter. I'm constantly changing it.
    I don't mind. I love avatars, likely more than I should.

    I'm quite content with the avatar I'm using now.

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    As for me, I like rock music so therefore I have an avater of one of my favorite rock bands, Guns N Roses.

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    I couldn't think of a good avatar either, but I wanted something cute and I liked Pokémon, and Mew is pretty cool. Plus it's a cat, and it's pink.
    And I like to keep things the same, so it's always going to be a Mew. I just change it whenever I find a cuter Mew.
    An avatar is like a mini you really, it'll people form a mental image of you. So pick something that represents you in a way you want to be represented!

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    Footed P.J.


    I have a fetish for young women in footed pajamas, hence my nic. So, I got a cute pic off of yahoo groups. It looks 100 times better blown up, but I can't find it.

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    Something random! :3

    YES, I was f*cking bored today.

    EDIT: Goddammit, why can't they allow animated avatars!? I have an incredible walrus one that I can't upload. >.>

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    befor i changed my name to link, i had the cover of my favorite cd, imaginations from the other side by blind guardian. but when i changed my name to link i had to change the avitar too. now it's the awsom young link.

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