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    Yes, I know I'm "reviving" a dead thread, but I believe the game is worthy of having a thread again. The old thread has been locked due to the time (not to mention the name was written Audio Surf instead of Audiosurf D:<).

    There was a recent, big update to allow users to link their profile with Audiosurf. There are a few mods available on the forums as well. One of them allows you to launch your music files directly in Audiosurf by right-clicking and selecting the appropriate character. Another one displays songs you play in the game to your MSN status message. What's more, lots of bugs, glitches, crashes were fixed through the last few updates, the length limit was increased to an hour for each song, details were added as well as a lot of small features that just makes me want to play right now. Oh, and one of the most important updates available is the addition of comments to each song on the results screen. I just wish that it was possible to reply to other comments and be notified of that reply, though. It's still a very nice update and it's the main reason why I recreated the thread.

    For those who still don't know about it, you can visit Audiosurf's website here, it explains the game better than me.
    By the way, the game still only costs ten dollars. I'm surprised, seeing the popularity of that game, but that's a great deal for those who still didn't buy it, I guess.

    Oh, and did I mention Audiosurf is what made me learn what Steam is?
    Yeah, I'm always slow like that.

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    I LOVE AudioSurf. I might have elite world records for maybe 25 songs or more. I lover my Eraser Elite with Iron Mode on.

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    How do you get the Last.FM thing to work...

    3 more post to 100. w00t

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScubaSteve View Post
    How do you get the Last.FM thing to work...

    3 more post to 100. w00t
    It links you to your profile, so all you have to do is create a account, then log in on Audiosurf and click on the button in the settings. Then you simply check the box and type your login info, and all the songs you'll play will be saved into your profile.

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