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    "You're holding it wrong"
    Best line ever from Steve Jobs. It seems whenever there is something wrong with Apple products then Steve always seems to blame the user for it's problems.
    YouTube - How to hold the iPhone 4 right (Antenna Problems) Vuvuzela Version by Neil Curtis

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    they are at least giving out free bumpers now and refunding the cost of bumpers to people who bought them.

    but, hey.. at least AT&T can finally say "Hey, it's not us!"

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    See Apple has had its dominance and now it has something to choke over itself. This situation has made me proud I have a Motorola Droid, but the iPhone is still nice aesthethicwise. It will still be better once Android has flash.

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    they got lazy...

    windows would make a comeback, but they couldn't get the news because IE sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tk7432 View Post
    This situation has made me proud I have a Motorola Droid
    The Droids looked quite nice until Motorola went and pulled that "we'll brick your phone if you install an unauthorised ROM on it!" bullshit. The point of Android is that it's supposed to be an open ecosystem, so bricking the phone when you want to do your own thing with it is going straight back to Apple's behaviour :/

    HTC for me, please. They don't really care what you do with their phones.

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    If you don't want a Iphone 4... don't buy it...

    if you don't like it bring it back.... and get raped up the asshole by AT&T with their 200+ dollar ETF for backing out of the contract!

    ::claps for the apple fanboy doucebag::

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    Fire2Box, I think there's federal laws now that give you 30 days to return and cancel with no ETF. I'll need to double check for info.

    EDIT: Even better, AT&T has this as part of their actual return policy:

    You may cancel service within 30 days from the activation date to avoid the applicable early termination fee (the "Early Termination Fee" or "ETF").

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