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Thread: need help!!!

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    Default need help!!!

    hey for those of you who wet, can ya'll show some luv and just post a couple of things on my (brand new) incon forum

    its a non *b/dl forum
    but thats cuz the goodnites forum sux
    plz help me boost activity

    itz at

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    I think you should know by now, that it's not too great to advertise on here...

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    that site isnt targeted to most of the ppln this site
    i just need to boost some activity

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    It takes years to get activity onto a forum. Especially forums that are made on a (any) freeforum site.

    Secondly... You need to have a look at it as guest. As guest it doesn't have any appeal what so ever so you'll have trouble getting members.

    And the "member's area" is visible to guests"

    This all looks very unprofessional and not something I'd sign up to (if it were aimed at a me)

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    Renegade-a, you posted this same thing within another thread, which is pretty much like having a commcerical turn up. Why not just throw the link and some description into your sig and leave it at that?

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    The ADS The ADS!!! *hurts my eyes*

    Seriously, if you want to be serious about starting an incontinence forum, you need to GET serious about it. Free sites don't usually cut it.

    You also need your own graphics (not the default phpbb image(s)).

    You say guest don't have access but as a guest I could have posted to your board (although I didn't).

    Bad-mouthing another site (even if you don't like it) is no way to entice people to come to your site.

    You also need to look at your own post structure. Capitalisation, punctuation, and grammar DO matter! Especially if you're the administrator!

    I would direct you to all the advice Moo gave in another thread, but that thread seems to have disappeared. *shrugs*

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    if everyone is so upset that he is trying to get some users to his site...then how about you don't post in this topic so it simply drifts down to the bottom and vanishes unless he bumps it?

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    As has been said, if you are serious about it, then it needs to look more professional. It needs something to make it not just seem like some run of the mill forum that anyone could make. It's a good cause it just seems to need a better effort.

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    You should buy a paid domain.

    From experience, I was running my site off of a free server for about 6 months. I hardly got any visitors, and made no sales. I went with a paid domain and hosting, my traffic spiked up and I've been doing great ever since.

    At least for me, free sites don't appeal at all.

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