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Thread: Diaper print underwear

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    Default Diaper print underwear

    Yeah. You read that right. Diaper print underwear. Not underwear printed diapers.

    Has anyone seen, or do people have a brainstorm idea for getting say white briefs and having kind of a faux diaper design printed on them to make them look like a diaper.

    I've thought about this or a couple years now, I've come up with nothing when searching the interwebz. But close to sitting down with illustrator and putting something together to get printed.

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    @[email protected] That's an odd idea... I like it! never seen anything like it... so essentially i'd have tapes at the hips... XD

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    Basically you'd have briefs with screen printing on them of tapes and crinkle lines etc. My thought was just white, but understandably some people would want a printed "landing zone".

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    Um... I don't really see a point to them. Both of the things its inspired by are easy accessible.

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    I'm a diaper fetishist, not a novelty underwear fetishist. Why make something less good look like something better? If I wanted a cake, I'd buy a cake, rather than trying to make a packet of digestive biscuits resemble a cake. The same applies to diapers.

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    I'd but them. But then again, I'm one of those people who'd buy printed underwear at the first opprotunity.

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    maybe with a yellow wetness indicator that has turned blue down towards the crotch

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