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Thread: Earthquakes are everywhere now!

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    Default Earthquakes are everywhere now!

    I remember a couple of months ago I was on IRC and there was an earthquake reported in Quebec by some of our members. Due to where that was located, I felt like it was weird that it happened there. And now its getting even stranger. I was asleep at 5 in the morning and I was woken up by a shaking ground. I was kind of iffy about it at first but I always had the thought that this was an earthquake and just went to sleep. I played it like it was nothing, turn on the news today, and apparently we had a 3.6 earthquake in the DC area, the epicenter being my town. This is the largest earthquake that we have had apprently since a 2.7 in 1993, back when I was in diapers. This just gives me some thoughts due to all the earthquakes that have happened in the past year so far and the fact that since it happened here, that this can mean that earthquakes can happen anywhere really. Because there are no mountains in the DC area, the strength was able to channel out and some reports were felt at least 100 miles away from DC. I am still a little shellshocked about what happened a bit, and now I just wanted to share this bit of news.

    How do you feel with the possibility of earthquakes happening very frequently this past year?

    Anybody here to share about the earthquake that happened a couple of weeks ago in Eastern Canada?

    Anybody here from the DC area like myself that felt something in the wee hours of the morning?

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    Butterfly Mage


    Maybe the planet is getting tired of having 7 billion humans on its back. I don't blame it!

    Of course, it wouldn't surprise me if the military is testing out some newfangled superweapon. I can be a little conspiracy-minded at times.

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    I know in the UK there has been two earthquakes that have been reported on the news but only very small and both were at night when I was asleep. I have noticed there are a lot more powerful earthquakes that are getting reported on the news also I found a site with a map of all the earthquakes that happen during the past week Latest Earthquakes in the World - Past 7 days it's quite interesting.

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    Yeah where I live we had a 5.6 Earthquake at about 1AM. I never felt an earthquake before in Puerto Rico I usually slept trough them. But I was awake for this one and I FREAKED OUT! My fiancee had to take care of me that night... I got so little and freaked out all I did was cling to her and ask her if it was gonna be ok. I had like no control over myself that night. So she put me to bed.... It was a scary night. But overall nothing serious happend. Like no deaths or minor injuries... but Puerto Rico is always having tiny earthquakes so it's not that big of a deal.

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    Well, that's a relief to myself that I'm not the only one that thinks it is kind of odd we have been having all these earthquakes and we are only half into the year of 2010! I remember when there was an earthquake in Northern Illinois and we could kind of feel it while it was happening here in Michigan. The earthquake there had a magnitude of 3.8.

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    We got a lot of earthquakes here in Palmdale. There is probably one "felt" one about every month or two. Sometimes it happens twice in the same month or week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tk7432 View Post
    Anybody here to share about the earthquake that happened a couple of weeks ago in Eastern Canada?
    I was sitting down watching tv. I didn't realize we had an earthquake until I checked facebook and found 100 status updates about it. Didn't feel a thing, but apparently buildings were swaying.

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    since we don't get that many (or not that many that are noticeable) and since i usually miss them by being asleep, i was pleasantly surprised to feel the last decent one we had up here, down there, over here and over there on our septic isle.
    i was in bed, naturally, and during the episode my first thought was that i was having a mental spasm (as opposed to my usual right-handed spasm )as the low rumble and fluttering passed by; and then, there was a momentary strange silence before alarms started wailing and dogs barking - that's when i realised what had happened. it's definitely mind-boggling to think of the energy involved and, in the moment, to know and feel how puny and inconsequential we are.

    as to the issue of the amount of quakes of late, if we hold to the theories of continental drift and plate tetonics, recent large quakes, or displacements (boxing-day 2004?), will result in a knock-on effect throughout the crust. of course though, in accordance with the aforementioned theories, the polarish/upper latitudes are still rebounding from the retreat of the glaciers and that will have it's effect, though to what extent is unknown. assuming that some kind of fluid and thermo-dynamics is at work on a timescale which is mostly incomprehensible to us, our forecasting/predicting of quakes is likely to be confined to localised regions and within a very short timeframe; much like the weather/climate.
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    We didn't feel it on our side (40 miles SE) of DC in MD. At least our sleep wasn't disturbed if there was a little shaking in our area. The only tremor I've ever felt was back in Spring of '84 when we lived just NE of Baltimore. Don't recall the magnitude, but the epicenter was near Wilmington, DE. I thought a very heavy truck was bouncing up US40, which had a horrible road surface in the area. That one hit around in the 7 to 9pm time period.


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