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    Default Hey everyone

    I've been on IRC for a few weeks, but I've only just got around to making an introductory thread, so without further ado, here goes:

    My name is Jack, I'm a 19 (well in 6 days) year old guy who just finished his first semester of university here in Sydney. My main interests are all technology related; programming, web development, gaming, and just random internet stuff.

    I can't really remember exactly how I found this site. I stumbled upon it a year or so, dropped in on IRC a bit and kind of forgot about it. Only in the last week have I been more active on IRC.

    I am primarily a DL; The TB/AB side of things doesn't really interest me. I'm not really sure where it even originated for me, ever since I was a little kid (probably three or four) I can remember being fascinated with the idea of people having accidents. In fact, I have a few clear memories of trying to convince friends to do so, unfortunately no one ever did (that I can remember at least).

    Fast forward to around 12-13 I would still occasionally do stuff in my clothes, or faux-diapers fashioned from towels and garbage bags. I managed to avoid detection, up until I was 17. I'm really ashamed of the following, but I staged "accidents" and bed wettings, and was surprisingly, successful in getting my parents to buy diapers for me. Alas, I really couldn't continue with this fašade, seeing how much stress it was causing my mother, and extraneous medical expenses, so I "got better". I never really stopped my "accidents" but I was just more stealthy about it. I'd still get caught occasionally, but it hasn't been a big issue. Unfortunately I've not been able to get any diapers since the end of my "incontinence", due both to lack of privacy, and funds (I'm a student, I'm sure a lot of you can relate ).

    And that's pretty much my story up until now. I hope I can become a member of this excellent community, and I'd love to do anything I can to help out.

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    Hey hey . I was suprised when I saw this thread... thinking I already knew of you :X.
    Welcome anyways

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    Quote Originally Posted by jscinoz View Post
    Alas, I really couldn't continue with this fašade, seeing how much stress it was causing my mother, and extraneous medical expenses, so I "got better".
    "She turned me into a newt."
    "A newt?"
    "I got better."

    You reminded me of Monty Python and the Holy Grail with that line. Welcome.

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    Hehe, I wasn't even intending to make a reference to something else there.

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    Hi Jack ^.^ Thanks for stopping by my thread so I thought I'd reciprocate and say welcome =)

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    Welcome jscinoz, it's good to have you here. lack of privacy is definitely one of the #1 reasons I can't fullfill my desire :/ money is a problem too.

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    Howdy jack and greetings from north west suburbs of sydney.

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