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Thread: embarrassing night

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    Default embarrassing night

    so, this is a true story about baby Lizzie and as i write this she is telling me what to say, she might add something later but right now i am online and she is in bed talking to me about it.
    last night, Liz was baby sitting for a close adult friend. it was late, she had already put the kids to bed and she was really tired. as you all know already, she is partly IC and she took off her diaper, as it was already soaked. she then accidentally fell asleep on the couch, being awaken by Annie, the friend she was babysitting for. as she noticed her pants, and the makeshift bed she was lying on was soaked, Annie told her that she wet the bed, immediately Liz began to cry, embarrassed that she was soaked. Annie, having to girls, two and four, was used to wet beds (or in this case couches) as her girls still wet the bed. Annie comforted Liz assuring her that it was alright and it was no big deal. Liz then helped her clean up the mess. they both talked about her problem as they cleaned up the couch (as Annie was prone to listening and Liz did tell her just about everything). Annie then took Liz home after Liz asked her not to tell her parents about her "problem".

    as i said, Lizzie will probably add to this with her thoughts later.


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    Sucks if it is true.

    Sounds a tad too much like a typical formulatic story to me, possibly due to the narrative.

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    Shit happens. We all need to get over it. She was supportive and got help. Hardly a bad story. Good ending.

    No offence, but why mope over it, if all went well and ended up fine? These things happen every day!

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    yeah the narrative could have been better but it was late. it is true though.

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    Yeah it sucked but it all coulda been worse. I'm just glad she didn't get mad or anything

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baby_Lizzie View Post
    Yeah it sucked but it all coulda been worse. I'm just glad she didn't get mad or anything
    Well as least you don't seem too upset about it now

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    I'm not really. I was just crying cuz it was really really embarassing being woken up and told you wet the bed but even more when they didn't know before

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