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Thread: Anyone notice when they go without diapers for a few weeks/or shortish time they feel on edge/want to wear more?

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    Default Anyone notice when they go without diapers for a few weeks/or shortish time they feel on edge/want to wear more?


    Do other people feel kinda on edge or not settled when they cant wear for a while?

    I've recently moved home with my folks for a short interim, as my lease ran out and then I headed overseas; so it was silly getting another place.

    But now while im back home it has seriously put a end to my DL'ness. Cant really wear at night cause my olds still like to just walk on in my room in morning on occasion even if the door is shut.. Wearing during the day is out of the question. (Although considering not caring since I can hide under a big mountain of blankets)

    So yeah, basically ive been feeling a little on edge..

    Typically I used to wear 1-3 times a week at night, and found I usually slept better. Not to mention the convenience during winter.

    Plus I tend to feel more relaxed after wearing or knowing I can if I want too.

    Im considering taking some with me to wear while snowboarding this weekend, but ill be with a group of friends.. and I dont really want anyone to spy stuff in my bag, so ill probably scratch that idea.

    I was going to wear on the 6 hour drive home, but alas I've been roped into hauling friends snowboarding gear in my ute (aus word for pickup truck).

    So yes this is bit of a bitch thread, since none of my RL friends are DL/AB etc. Except for a few fleeting social contacts that I haven't spoken too for ages.

    In regards to the new feeling stressed/on edge do others get this way? Any advice?

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    im a wreck when i dont have a diaper i really get cravings for them

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    I'm from aus to
    I would wear em' during snowboarding, I don't know anyone from aus who would go through their mates backpacks.

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    Yeah, it seems unlikely your friends would find them.

    In the unlikely event that they did, you could claim it's a nightmare getting all your winter gear off to take a piss, and limits your time on the slope. This is, of course, true. You don't have to tell them you actually like wearing them all the time!

    And yes, I agree with you. It is tough when you're at home and can't wear as often as you otherwise would.

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    becuse i don't wear them that often

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    Yeah as I mentioned in a blog post that didn't get read... I'm in the third week of a diaper hiatus due to a long stretch of friends and family visiting me this month. I'm getting very crazy! I can't wait until this time next week when I'll finally be alone again!


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    I get like that sometimes. I got a huge craving when I was on vacation with my family. I couldn't wear the diaper at all right so I was screwed. When i got home I got this big craving for them wore the same night I got back and over all I've been diapered ever since I got back. every night. XD I'm binging.

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    I have been stressed out and have not got to wear since March. It sucks. I'm getting my driver's liscence soon, so I am anxiously waiting to get some diapers from walgreens.

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    I find if I do not wear at least once per week my stress level goes up and I get a huge craving to wear. I just find wearing a diaper a couple time a week makes me feel great and decreases the stress.

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    I hadn't worn for a month or so, and so I drove an hour to my apartment to get some diapers and bring them home for the summer.

    I NEEDED THEM!!!!!!!!! ok not really, but you know what I mean.

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