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Thread: how to stop a drynite leaking!?

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    Default how to stop a drynite leaking!?

    hey guys
    drynites are the only diapers i can get but on the second wetting they start to leak a bit, any suggestions how to stop this? for instance how could i make home made plasticpants ?

    thanks all xxx

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    Don't wet twice?

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    Makes sence to me, I don't think those are known for their absorbancy....

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    You could try wearing two. Slit the cover of the inner one in a few places for best results.

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    Put a better diaper over the top. Dx

    But seriously, Drynites suck. You may as well wear a paper towel.

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    I would try 2 if this is your only option. The other thing is to put on rubber pants but they will still leak. They are not the best diapers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MessyMan View Post
    You could try wearing two. Slit the cover of the inner one in a few places for best results.
    This would work. This is called a stuffer. you could also use a baby diaper as a stuffer. I did this earlier and I was in a goodnite all day long. Wetting it alot. Granted I didn't wet the first pee in the morning. That'll instantly flood it.

    Quote Originally Posted by GaashaHuzzah View Post
    Don't wet twice?
    If you're using just a goodnite follow this advice. If it's a heavy wetting you shouldn't wet it twice. It's a bedwetter product not a "real" diaper. A real diaper will hold up several wettings.

    Anyways if you follow what someone else said you could very well stay in the goodnite the entire day. ^^

    Oh and here for your plastic pants dilema

    I doub't i'll work tough... you're diaper will still leak. So once you take that off there will be a puddle of pee soaked all over that goodnite.
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    Goodnites/Drynites are the only diapers that I have easy access to that I like, but I never pass more than one wetting. If you wear two or use a stuffer that can help, but in reality it can only hold so much. Keep in mind that they are made with the intention of just a little dribble from bedwetting, not a flood or two coming from a teenage or adult's body.

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