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Thread: Looks good but actualy crap products

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    Default Looks good but actualy crap products

    Have you ever seen a product that you thought looked good? You probly have already bought it. But Not all of the products do what they say or are just not as good as it looks. For example, I bought a legend of zelda mini sword and shield set. They make it look like the swords and handles are made of metal and even say they are. But sadly they wern't. The handle was crappy toy plastic. The swords were still cool, but the handles where fragile and one broke when I dropped it on the concreat. I was so mad.

    But how many of you have had looked and bought somthing that looked good and turned bad?

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    Parrapa the Rapper for Playstation 1.
    Open and shut case of "buyers remorse".

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    Oh god I'm so old I remember the demo for parappa the rapper. I think it was a bipedal onion instructing me how to chop and kick and stuff.

    Trippy times.

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    Luckily I don't remember, but I'll tell you one of my fathers'.

    One day, we were shopping for a car as a cheap daily driver. Lo and behold, we find a red dodge neon at a Vallarta parking lot. Being Mexican, I was obligated to visit the store, and bought some candy. Meanwhile, the guy with the car was trying so hard to get my dad to buy, and he offered him a test drive. My dad decded to, and then he drove to the bank to pay the guy. All while I was pleading to tell him to cut it off, since the car was crap. Anyways, $2500 less an hour later, he bought it and had the guy drive it all the way back to Palmdale. My dad was so excited by telling my mother about this "great vehicle" and such. My mom hated that thing. She almost never drove it, had there not been 120 degrees and almost no humidity outside, she would have walked a mile to get to the Food 4 Less. Anyways, two years later, it was sold for $500 less than what we got it for. It was a piece of crap.

    Oh yeah, and those Certainty diapers I bought a month ago. lol

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    Meet The Robinsons for the xbox 360.... Must I say more?

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    one of the airport tycoon games, things were piles of crap despite sounded interesting

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    Final Fantasy 13!!! It was so terrible for me.

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    About half of the video games I own. They lure me in with their fancy pictures of gameplay on the back, but then it just fails in a lot of aspects.

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    depends maximum protection. A fancy wetness indicator doesn't mean it's a good diaper. Not likw I had a choice though.

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    I feel somewhat guilty for that. Hur.

    Splinter Cell: (The name escapes me) for the PS2. 4 player multiplayer my ass. It never said online only.

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