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Thread: Should I jump on this?

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    Default Should I jump on this?

    I have the opportunity to buy up to 10 cases of Select diapers by Tranquility for $30 on craigslist. I won't take all 10 cases, but are they a good diaper? Is it worth my time to drive 40 minutes for them?

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    haha for $30 bucks... you could sell some of them on ebay and brake even while having some diapers for yourself.

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    10 cases is about 960 diapers if they are size small... $30 is a very good deal. if it is 10 bags of 10 not such a hot deal. I bought a case of size small on e-bay a while back for less than $20 shipped. They are bottom of the line diapers for sure. Not to say I wouldn't buy them again at that price. The fit was good, I found them very comfortable and the plastic is smooth and quiet. They have no leak guards. The true downside is the lack of absorbency. The diaper is completely soaked after 1 wetting. Ad a cheap baby diaper as a stuffer not so bad.

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    For that price, I would say go for them. If you don't like them you can sell them and still possibly make some money. Or if you don't want to sell them, use a baby diaper as a liner to increase absorbency. I have never used these, so I can't tell you how good they are, but the price seems right.

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    I tried the select, they are kinda on-par with depends or attends.... not all that absorbant, but i am used to stuffing my diapers as it is

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    Tranquility are a good brand, seems everyone forgot about the ATN's they make..
    I would snatch em' and use them all!!
    This is a lucky grab get them!

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    you will need a diaper doubler of some kind as they are not very absorbent.
    to be more accurate, the manufacture, Principal Business Enterprises inc. rates the size medium: Select @ 15.8-oz
    SlimLine @ 20.4-oz, and the ATN @ 27.5-oz.
    The SlimLine and the ATN have leak guards and the Select does not.
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    for that price you could afford to wear 2-3 diapers at once go for it

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    The thought of wearing two or three diapers at once is a pleasing thought. . . all that bulk!

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