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    So for somebody whos never blogged i have been thinking about giving it a shot... So the question is what do blog about? My life as i grew up? What i did for a day? etc... Is it even worth it. I used to keep a diary/journal but that was more to help me fight through my depression more then to share with others. So would that be appropriate on a public forum?

    Just kinda curious as to what other people do and feel. And yes ill be flipping through some here as well.

    PS i kinda think i should just write whatever i want. But that said i will probably come across as a nut case. But at the same time... idk.

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    Blogging is whatever you want to post. Basicly if you have something to share on the forum that may be good or interesting information to some people but not enough to warent a thread about said topic.

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    I blog when I have something that I feel like telling people, but that doesn't create conversation. Like a thread is meant for other people to voice their opinions on a subject or to give advice, or just get different views on a subject. A blog always seemed more like a personal "this is what's been going on in my life" that you post in as often as you feel is necessary. (Mine are sporadic, don't expect to see one, one day it will just be there)

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