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    Default wellness briefs

    Has anyone tried these? I just ordered a free sample. Any thoughts?

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    They are a good diaper. I like the plastic and they aare very absorbent. I wold give them and "8.5"

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    I love Wellness Briefs. I have been buying from then since their name was Eurobriefs. Then they changed their name to Uniquebriefs, and finally their current name Wellness briefs. I first ordered from them because being a heavy wetter I needed something that could handle it. The first ones held about 2 liters. But the new ones the company worked with NASA to create. These ones now hold just over 3 liters. And they also lowered their price of $50.55 for a pack of 20, to $29.99 for a pack of 20. They are a little on the thick side. Perhaps I would guess close to being about a quarter to a inch thick. Like 4 depends thick or there about. But you don't really feel the thickness. And because they use a thicker gauge plastic it doesn't make that plastic rustle that makes it sound like your wearing a trash bag. So they are perfect for times when you need to be in a quiet place in diapers, such as a library or some other quiet place were the plastic of a regular diaper would be easily heard. These are very quiet. They have free samples too, I recommend giving them a try.


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    Links are always helpful guys... here you go: Adult Diapers: Adult Briefs, Driest Adult Diaper, Incontinence, Ultra Dry Brief Sold Online - Super Absorbent Adult Diapers & Briefs

    We've talked about these before...they color code their diapers White for medium blue for large, and looks like purpleish for extra large...why they can't make them all white I don't know. I'll stick with Abena's


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