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Thread: First diapers

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    Default First diapers

    Im thinking of buying my first bag of dapers. I live in the UK and i would be going to Boots, or using their online shop. I've always wanted Drynites, but i dont know if these are best, are they? Also i can remember someone saying that males should get female ones for some reason.

    Im 16, 55kg, 31" waist, wont be wetting heavily

    Boots - Health and Beauty, Pharmacy and Prescriptions, UK Chemist - Boots

    Whats best for me?

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    If you will buy the large version of drynites, you will fit them pretty well, about difference between boys and girl goodnites... Well, apart from the print, I don't really think there is any difference.

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    Also i just found these, in boots the only options i can find are drynites and this:

    Tena Pants Discreet Large - 10 pants - Boots

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    Also the website is mega speshul
    so heres a link to SOME of the stuff they have, there isn't like a whole category of stuff, but this has the most:
    Regular use - Bladder weakness - Boots

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    Yea I would go with Drynites. I am about the same size as you and they fit great and are super comfortable. The girls version has more protection in the middle so if your (thing) is larger that a 8 year olds you would have better luck with the girls version.

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    The reason girls version of drynites is recommended for teen males is only useful if you point it downward then if you wet the material is right there to absorb it. They put the absorbant material more in the front for boys version of drynites.

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    I'd go for the TENA's, they have better absobency and capacity but also will probably be more comfortable as you'll fit into them better. You will still fit into drynites but since the TENA's are made for adults they won't be as restricting around the waist. But either will be a good choice, you don't get the best selection in a shop anyway.

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    yeah, i think female drynites (8-15) are the favourites ^^ ive always wanted them so they have that + point aswell

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    eeek, now im nervous about buying them, i need my parents to go out for a weekend, then i can buy them online

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    hi i've always bought mind of e-bay. the first time was a bit unnerving but it all went well. they came in unmarked packaging and as i live with my mum to save any questions i had them sent to a mates house, i told him it was clothes and it works every time. i've had them sent 6 or 7 times as i only get them 2 at a time... easyer to hide

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    I wouldnt want to buy from ebay, because i would need it to arrive in tight time frame, and i wouldnt trust the seller to do that! nice idea though

    I was also of thinking of getting these Boots Staydry Unisex PVC Briefs - Boots but i cant find what the sizes are or what they are like anyhwhere, does anyone have any experiences with these

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonme View Post
    I was also of thinking of getting these Boots Staydry Unisex PVC Briefs - Boots but i cant find what the sizes are or what they are like anyhwhere, does anyone have any experiences with these
    They aren't worth it, they are an awful product.

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