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Thread: I Love Diaper Pics!

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    Default I Love Diaper Pics!

    As the title suggests, i love diaper pics, my question is would you prefer a few diaper pics, a diaper vid or a story?

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    I'd prefer a proper introduction.

    Tell us about yourself, what do you like doing outside of diapers? What sort of music/movies do you like? What sports do you enjoy?. Share with us, we don't bite

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    you won't find what you're looking for here! This is a community, not a picture exchange, or a fap club. So either introduce yourself properly, or go looking elsewhere!

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    Butterfly Mage


    If all you're interested in is diaper pics, then D--ker (not ADISC) is the site for you.
    Last edited by Butterfly Mage; 14-Jul-2010 at 18:06. Reason: The "D" word edited out by popular request. ;)

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    hey dont say the "D" word here !!
    and yeah you should tell us something about yourself

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    I just had no ide what to write.
    How about..............
    I am an Aussie and proud of it.
    I love to argue even if the argument doesn't actually matter in the slightest to me.
    I am quite shy when meeting new people but once i get to know them i really open up.
    I like History, in fact i want to become a history teacher.

    Is that ennough or should i go on?

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    If you're looking for pictures, go won't be finding any here! This site is accessible for minors, so don't bother!

    And now go and post a PROPER introduction!

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