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Thread: Diapers at College?

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    Default Diapers at College?

    As the college season approaches there are some out there that enjoy wearing diapers and will be going away to school. So, how do they continue to wear and enjoy diapers, while in the dorm setting?

    I would like to hear some input from those that already dealt with this issue and that can give us here some insight on it.

    Since money is tight as a college student, is it more economical to go with cloth diapers and plastic pants, rather than disposables? But, is it easier to hide disposable or cloth ones in a dorm?

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    I just (succesfully) finished the first year of college, and I thing I can give some small advice. As first: I have heard that in America you have dorms with 2 people sleeping on the same room. It can be done that way, but it is way easier to just have a room to yourself. That is what I have, and which makes it terribly easy to wear. Just be carefull in storing you stuff and wearing while others are home, but you probably already are cause you have probably worn in your parents house, where you have to be way more carefull for being found out.
    If you do live with someone else, then you have two options: Talk or hide. I don't think I have to explain any of those.

    A few tips:
    You can recieve your packages by post now, just tell the other people your recieving something, maybe even make up something as excuse. I have used a present for a friend as an excuse, works quite good if you don't order too much.
    Hide everything in a place where other people won't look or would ever have to look.
    Make sure you have a lock on your door.
    If you want to wear for the entire evening, just tell the other people you are very tired/feel a bit sick/have a headache and are going to get an early night, etc.

    In short: If you can succesfully wear in your parents house, you can in college. Most of the things are either common sense or thinking ahead.

    Btw: I don't know about how it is using cloth diapers, but I imagine that it is quite more difficult with all the washing you have to do, and you have to find a way to store the dirty diapers before you wash them, I think disposibles are much easier

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    Actually in America colleges can have four to a dorm depending on the layout. Many colleges are now opening up apartment style quad dorms with individual sleeping rooms and shared communal space to attract new prospects. Frankly I would suggest renting either an apartment or a room in a house off-campus as you will have more privacy, quietness, and will not have to deal with all the rules and nosey R.A.s in the dorms.

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    When you have a roommate, don't do it. After a year I managed to get my own dorm room and it was a lot easier. I used a lock on a box for my diapers and if any friend's asked it was just personal information I didn't want anyone stealing. Just scent the room well enough and throw them in the garbage.

    But I must stress, please don't try wearing when you share a room. That's not fair to the roommate.

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    I did what Taki did. I actually got a job my second year as one of those "nosy" RA's! Hah, perks of the position is that you don't have to have your room checked periodically...

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    at college I think i was super lucky

    my dorm layout is that of the apartment style but there are only 2 rooms and a common room. thus i could wear in my room luckily my roommate went t o his house every weekend so I could wear whenever I wanted. My roomie was my best friend and that only happened when we moved in together. eventually I told him about my AB stuff just because i like being able to confide in people.

    he thought it was wierd but didnt care if I did it as long as i was wearing something over them.

    you can always try telling the truth. if they are more easy going like he is you might want to tell them. but, if you do tell dont tell right away it would wierd me out if someone came out with something so personel right away. but if you tell and your roomie's cool with it it will make your life a lot easier.

    Good luck

    p.s. I know my situation wont work for everyone

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    I never lived in a Dorm in College but I did share an apartment. Basically just keep doing what you did while living at home. Besides most diapers are not noticale under normal clothing. I'm wearing right now and i have a friend over.

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    When my kids went off to college, and built them cargo style foot lockers. I made them so they could pad lock them, giving them some place to protect their "valuables". I strongly suggest you buy something like that. I can't imagine trying to manage cloth diapers. If you don't rinse them out thoroughly, they definitely will smell, something you don't want in your room. I think your only option is disposables.

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    sorry if his is off topic but how does collage actualy work i awlway thought you lived at the school and had to get up early every day and you didnt get ou of class untill teacher is done being an ass. but i was wondering where does all this part time i keep hearing about fit in like on the weekend or something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by arclord View Post
    sorry if his is off topic but how does collage actualy work i awlway thought you lived at the school and had to get up early every day and you didnt get ou of class untill teacher is done being an ass. but i was wondering where does all this part time i keep hearing about fit in like on the weekend or something?
    It actually depends largely on when your classes are, Arclord. Freshmen often get the early classes, just because that's when they're being taught. and even that's relative. "early" for me would be about 8. However, my schedule also lets me have almost my entire thursday free! Hooray! So, in short, it depends. Sometimes you'll have entire free days, other times, you'll just have a later start. Schedules are mutable.

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