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    Your not alone mate, I wear mine and feel no one understand,inf act this is the first time i have admitted it to myself truth be known.

    I like to go public and soil them,it dont matter it im sat next to someone on a bus,in a store or at a show.

    I think the only support and understanding you will get is online,i dont think a single friend can be told

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    Cute username.

    Welcome to the site.

    May I suggest one thing? Please don't soil your diaper near people who do not want to be involved in your bathroom business. It's not polite. Thank you.

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    Why hello there: Who exactly are you referring to with your "mate" anyway?

    And I don't think it makes a great first impression if you introduce yourself by telling us how you like to shit yourself in public. Is that also the first thing you tell people when you first meet them, like the new colleague at work, or the girl in the pub?

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