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Thread: oversized diapers

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    This might be a bit of a daft question but does wearing diapers 1 or 2 sizes too big affect it's ability to do it's job?

    I'm looking at getting the x-large sized abena delta-forms soley on the basis that they are white (and not blue or green like the medium or large; i fit into both).

    If I am several inches smaller than it's size (starts at 44 inches, I finish at 38 and decreasing since I gave up lager!). Will it make any difference?

    It's the only plan-white ones that they do; they're cheap but have problematic tapes (see my previous rant lol). It's the whiteness and thickness that are attracting me to the x-large ones.

    Should I or shouldn't I really is what I am asking (albeit in a roundabout and wordy way :P )

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    Just remember it wont fit properly. As for it not working it should be just fine. I have worn a size to big a time or two. The tapes just reach around a little farther. While i am smack dab in the medium size bracket for most brands i have used larges before. As for going up to an x-large i dont think i would as the fit would be WAY too off.

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    Yeah that's what I was wondering about too - whether they'd fit properly. Forgot to mention it lol. Anyways I think that the x-large tapes will probably reach the middle of the diaper and perhaps even cross over each other (i.e. left tapes finish centre-right and right tapes finish centre-left).

    I'm still looking for white, plain plastic diapers that are thick and cheap so if anyone knows of any in the UK (apart from Tena, they're good but even the Maxi isn't thick enough for my liking sadly - v. absorbent tho lol).

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    Remember that part of them not fitting is the leg gathers. If those don't fit snuggly around your thighs, you'll leak out the sides. If you are looking for bulk, might I suggest stuffers, or even cloth diapers?

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    Butterfly Mage


    I like my diapers to be a bit on the large side, but not so large that they leak.

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    The stuffers sound like a good idea - more absorbency and bulk. Are there any stuffers out there that aren't plastic backed so that I don't have to cut holes in them? I got Tena Comfort sometime last year to pad out some Molicares and they had plastic on the back but there might be some that aren't plastic covered (ironic that for once I don't want plastic-backed diaper related stuff lol).

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    I wear a diaper one size larger than I need. The tapes nearly meet in front; the "wings" from the front reach to the padding in the back. With the leak guards the diaper only "fails" when it's over-full. The fit is comfortable. I never get rash from chaffing. Sleeping on my side, any movement from the front gets moved back to the padding in the rear, cutting down on leaks.

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    It sounds good if it doesn't leak so much, except when overfilled, and that liquids move backwards. If the worst comes to the worst and there is a gap betwixt my skin and the diaper I could always stick in a stuffer which would presumably close the said gap, as well as making it more absorbent.

    I heard that "abri-let" (abena again!) are good stuffers - anyone got any opinions on those?

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    Incidentally, I am planning on disbanding from the Abena Army and going to Tender (see the 90 nappies for 28 or somthing along that lines :P) but I'd still like stuffer advice lol.

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    You might try cuddlz. They make a brilliant nappy--plain white, very baby-ish, really comfortable and extremely absorbent. The tapes are great, as well. They cost more than those Tender nappies--40 for 40 nappies, but I think Cuddlz are excellent. I haven't tried the Tender ones, though.

    Cuddlz ABDL Adult Nappy Diaper Store

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