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    Hello everyone,

    i bought a case of tena slip maxi from drylife back in either January or December ( cant recall exactly when) and I have received without any problems, BUT I then decided to order a blue onesie from them a few weeks after i bought the nappies and i have yet to receive them

    so my question is this, has anyone else experienced problems like this them?

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    I've had a similar experience from you - in my case a packet of tena nappies. I kept emailing and asking what was happening and I got a reply back from the owner saying he was waiting on stock. Try emailing him and see what happens.

    Did you go through PayPal perchance?

    PS: I've heard of a few other similar experiences to this!

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    ive emailed them about 3 times and I tried to phone them, but i think the numbers a fake. and yeh i used PayPal, does that make a difference? and have you got tenas yet?

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    I got my Tenas after 2 weeks - ordered some time in June last year. The order after that came promptly with no delay.

    Unfortunate Paypal has a 45 day timeframe in which to complain, after that it is rejected. Sadly it looks like your money has gone and it's the goodwill of Drylife to send you the good(s). I'm soz I couldn't be more helpful but I didn't see the Dec/Jan part of the message *oops*

    Anyway, hopefully the thread will be a warning to others not to make the same folly! Once again I'm sorry that your hard-earned dosh's disappeared into the ether.

    If you want good companies to go nappy shopping I can recommend Dorset Nursing Supplies and Blushing Buyer, btw. For onsies and stuff, try as I had good service there. They also do a limited line of tena.


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