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Thread: What have you done?

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    Default What have you done?

    What animal things have you done?

    For example, I've eaten dog food and I have drunk out of a dogs bowl...I also would howl with my grandmas old dog.

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    Oh and I've worn a collar, a leash (and tied it on a pole), and I've also gone inside a dog cage.
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    I batted around a dog toy at a non-furry friend's party because I found out it was squeaky.
    I ate a milkbone a few weeks ago, which actually isn't too bad taste-wise.
    I bought an eared hat at Anthrocon, and it has become part of my normal atire for my Wednesday night outing with friends. (They like it, and want me to wear it every time we go out)

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    And I've had numerous dreams about becoming a dog/ it has become a way to reverse a "bad dream". If I'm about to be killed, I shout "wait, can't you use me for something productive" (or something along those lines)...and then I end up turning into a dog/wolf ....

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    Going by labels, it sounds like you're refering to a feral furry rather than an anthro furry. Anthro usually being the human-like, bipedal furries. Feral usually being the literal/realistic animals (which sounds like what you are refering to).

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    Oh crap.... What haven't I done? I've chew on chew toys, scratched at doors, barked at people, chased cats. The list does on and on.

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    If the point of furry is to attribute human qualities to animals, why behave like ordinary animals by chasing cats and eating out of dog bowls etc...? I don't understand.

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    I must be one of the dull & boring furries. Out side of my teddy bear (plushie) collection the only other furry thing I do is fursuit :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizz View Post
    ...furry thing I do is fursuit :/
    Which is in and of itself more legitimately furry than anything else posted in this thread so far imho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
    Which is in and of itself more legitimately furry than anything else posted in this thread so far imho.
    glad you said that cuz I was feeling a little out of place there for a second. I have to say that eating animal food & barking at the mail man is not IMO what being "furry" is.

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    i've drawn my fursona numerous times in various forms. also i'm in the process of developing my fursona to be made into a fursuit.

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