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Thread: Meow! Hello from Sydney, Australia =^.^=

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    Default Meow! Hello from Sydney, Australia =^.^=

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Tamsin (or Thomas) and I live in Sydney, Australia. I discovered Infantilism only a couple of years ago when I was 18 (am 21 now) but my whole life I've always loved little-kid things like toys and games and movies and still sucked my thumb all my life and carried teddy bears around the house.
    I am an extremely open and honest person, transparent through and through. Anyone who knows me will pretty much know everything about me in the span of a week or so. My family and friends know mostly everything about me.

    Some brief info about me =) Well, I am a crossdresser guy. That means I have a female body and I identify as female, but I like to crossdress and become Thomas/male sometimes.
    I am a furry with 2 fursonas that are twins. One male and one female grey tabby cat. Tammy and Tommy Kitten. Tammy is a babyfur and Thomas sometimes cares for her, though he has been little occasionally as well.

    I am on as the Captain of the Infantilist Guild there (Gaia Guild: Infantilist Guild | Gaia Online) I am The Gas Man Cometh on Gaia. My Vice Captain showed me this site and suggested I join, so I dids!

    Anywho, some of my hobbies include:
    - Horse riding
    - Caring for/playing with animals
    - Surfing the internet (Who doesn't love this?)
    - Video Games
    - Music. I'm fairly eclectic so I love most kinds of music. My favourite genres are Opera metal; power metal; symphonic metal; pop; rock; techno (DDR mostly) and children's music.
    - Drawing!
    - Fantasy, like games and movies about fantasy etc
    - Colours. xD I just love colours and rainbows and stuff =D

    I have a transgendered girlfriend who lives a few hours drive away from me. We've been together for almost 1 year officially now. S/he does everything for me. She is kind; understanding; patient and grows right alongside me. We're together till the end.
    I also have a mummy who lives in England and is a transsexual woman. I love her a lot and she is kind and sweet.

    I would consider my sexual orientation to be trans-attracted with its own form of fluidity in being able to love all kinds of different people.

    Well anyway, that's a little about me ^_^ And I hope to be a regular here on this site.

    Bye for nows!

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    Hey Tam. ^^ nice to see you on the site. Welcome to adisc. (BTW I'm the vice captain in that guild)

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    Hey r00by! Thanks for showing me the site ^.^ Just waiting now for more welcomes =P
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    Welcome TammyKitten from all the way from Newcastle NSW (well just North there of) a great detailed introduction, really good stuff. Hope you enjoy coming here.

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    *big smiles* hey there TammyKitten, its a pleasure to meet you :-)

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    Paul Fox should post here more often. He'd pounce on this thread in a heartbeat.

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