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Thread: Need Diapers (Temporarily)

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    Default Need Diapers (Temporarily)

    i threw out my back, pulled a muscle, what-have-you... destroyed my lower back and now it's hard to move. every turn the wrong way makes pain shoot into my hips and it sucks. i really should get those abenas now (or a local disposable) because moving isn't fun right now.
    have you people ever incurred any pain that diaper wearing would make it a bit more bearable?

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    If your having troubel getting up, to go to the bathroom, I can see where a diaper would be good for that. The best advice I'v heard about bck injurys is to rest for 24 hours and then start moving again.

    I don't know about you but I walk when my back hurts it sore for a few days but feels better after I walk, than lying around for a long time.

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    Yeah, it sounds like diapers would be a good idea.

    If the pain is that bad, you might wanna go to the doctor and get it checked out. You could've pinched a nerve or something..

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    i promised myself that if it doesn't clear up by tomorrow then i'm going to the hospital. it's weird, it goes away then comes back (and now it's irritating my lower right side since it's supporting most of the weight).

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    I say grab a pack of diapers and just lie on ur bed for a full day that should make it feel better...if not get it cheacked out

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    I'd say that the diapers are irrelevant! I think it's necessary for you to go to the doctor immediately. You don't want to screw around with a back injury. I know a lot of people that have permanent back injuries and they have to wear a brace and limit how much physical exercise they do everyday! While diapers might be fun, doctors would be best.

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    have you people ever incurred any pain that diaper wearing would make it a bit more bearable?
    I somehow managed to get one of my legs badly tangled in a bike chain after I had fallen while riding. Wasn't so bad till I began to panic & struggle only to make it tighter, eventually it started to tear into my thigh. Was quite painful to walk on so diapers would have definitely been a convenience. At the time it would have been impossible for me to get any so I had to bear it.

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    From one who's been there, you might want to see that doctor. What happens is that the more the back becomes irritated, the more the muscles cramp up. Therefor, you need a muscle relaxant. Then the diapers might really be fun at night as all those muscles relax!

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    You should probably go to the doctor now...If you wait, it could get worse...Don't risk your health for diapers...You could always get some afterwards...

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    I can relate to the back pain thing
    i HAVE 2 DISCS in my lower back that are degenerating and along with a formerly enlarged prostate.
    so I wear protective under wear during the day and adult diapers at night.

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