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Thread: Problems with Magic Medical Wholesale

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    Default Problems with Magic Medical Wholesale

    Anyone ever buy from this website. I bought some diapers here last week because they had a nice combo pack you could buy. The payment went though, but I still havent heard about shipment yet or if they were sent.

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    They sent me the wrong diapers and refused to make good on it. That happened twice, on different occasions, months apart. I had the option of paying to ship them back; they were not going to send the correct diapers until they got the wrong ones back. I won't do business with them.

    XP Medical, on the other hand, has been wonderful. When Abena had some bad tapes, the diapers were replaced immediately, free of charge. I kept the rejects; XP didn't want them back. As for correcting mistakes...XP Medical has never made one.

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    I was going to give them a week then call. Figured if it was a small business maybe they are out of town or something. I will try XP Medical next... thanks

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    Magic Medical is kind of a goofy company. They're based out of Canton, Michigan, and they were literally about 10 minutes down the road from my old apartment. The thing is, though, that they're basically your average medical supply store and they only stock your average medical supply store diapers, meaning that they'll have Medline or Tranquility or maybe the crappy US Tenas in stock. For anything else, like Abenas, Magic essentially acts as a reseller/middle-man, and the actual diapers ship from, IIRC, Maryland.

    I know all this because I went round and round with them because I wanted to just do a pickup for some stuff, and at first they just said no. I pressed the issue until they finally spilled their guts about why I couldn't just pick stuff up, like I was dragging state secrets out of them. When I finally did get my diapers, the case was torn up from handling and several of the diapers inside were destroyed. After that, in spite of Magic being a local company, I decided I wasn't going to do any more business with them.

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    at least with XP medical, you get your stuff quick, mainly cause they now have a michigan warehouse

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    So the diapers actually came about a week after I ordered them. My order was correct, but I was a little disappointed that they put their company name right on the box. My roomie could easily google the company name and find out whats inside . I will go with XP medical next time.

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