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    HEy everyone, joined here a little while ago and kinda forgot about it, figured it was time for an introduction. I've been wearing on and off whenever I can tried a few different diapers over the years too. Anyways this week has been the first time I've finally decided to wear at all times except for work. I've been wearing CVS maximum absorbency diapers for the time being and I've been having an issue I've never had during casual wearing. When I've been wetting and laying down the pee has been coming up the side and leaking out near the the tapes. Have I been taping them too tight or wearing them to high? Any help would be awesome!
    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello, and welcome to ADISC! This would probably be a good question to post in the 'Diaper Talk' Forum. Have fun!!!

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    Your diaper is wayyyy to cheap and you are wearing it for too long. Try upgrading to a 'decent' brand.

    Welcome to the community by the way! Hope you like your continued stay.

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