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Thread: face book??? rave????dj????

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    Default face book??? rave????dj????

    sorry to break the discussion of pissing n the shower and other stuff but i was wondering i know were not allowed to give out instant message info but what about stuff like face book? if anyone cares or is allowd to id be happy to be friends on facebook also couldn't that be a way to confirm identities? also while i have a thread and don't want to spam
    but are there any dj's here that want to get their name out and need a gig to do? im setting up a rave soon ...oh info silly stupid me .
    where? in clermont florida (10 minutes from orlando)
    when not sure yet but within the next couple months(need losts of time to prepare
    why? a rave i already told you that
    do you need your own equipment?no but you get paid more if you do
    is it iiligal? currently yes but we are looking into getting a rental warehouse thingy
    send me a pm if you wanna come either as guest or as dj oh and anybody from my social groups(i.e. here or face book) get in for pretty much free
    also pm me if yo wanna be friends on facebook

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    also anybody who shows up with fursuit is free cus they is cool and i wanna weed out the furries in my town

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    Err... Fursuits can cost well into the hundreds, if I had one God knows I wouldn't wear it to a rave, let alone in public at all.

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    well i need SOME way to find more than one creepy furry friend who is waay to clingy ...alex if you read this its not you its sam your more of my little baby fur. ahem >.>

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    So you'd have them give away one of their most personal secrets in public?

    You're a horrible furrend.

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    noooooo i mean.....grrr i wanna make friends that arent as creepy as.......nvm how would YOU suggest i do it then ? oh and i just realised how few people acualy ive in florida
    EDT: (brain fart) umm is there like a specific group of people that are the only people aloud to make fur cons cus if we can rent this place for a rave it it big enough for a furry con (gets on knee and prays people say im aloud to

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    Um... Just throw a damn rave and enjoy yourself?

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    ya i got that part but what are the chances of setting up a furry con (am i over thinking tis too much?) i t has donned o me that i live in the worst area for a con im just tring to expand my friend range beond emo, druggy, and candykids

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    You have the Internet and you're complaining about now having a big enough grab-bag of friends? :\

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    Quote Originally Posted by GaashaHuzzah View Post
    You have the Internet and you're complaining about now having a big enough grab-bag of friends? :\
    I dunno, I have to say, I'm kind of confused.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheetaluver View Post
    I dunno, I have to say, I'm kind of confused.
    Good. I miss your watermelon avatar and I was trying to hurt you mentally.

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