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Thread: Do you hope to achieve anything by being AB?

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    Default Do you hope to achieve anything by being AB?

    Personally, I don't use AB stuff to gain a certain headspace. It's not about regression really, more self-expression. It lets me connect with my innermost psyche, and in doing so communicate more directly with the emotional reasoning that drives me.

    Truthfully, I'm a little boy at heart, and my adult life builds on top of that. Without being AB, I have no way of having an internal dialogue with that fundamental part of me. Without that dialogue, my emotions will get the better of me. I will not be driven to succeed in the ways I want to, because I will not develop the emotional strength to be so disciplined.

    I'm a strong believer that from emotion comes action; thought comes later. You may know how you should react to a situation, how you should behave, but you will not do that unless the emotional backing is there. For some people, this comes naturally. For me, it does not. My emotions are a tangled web. It seems the only way I can comprehend them, get to the core of my issues, and resolve them is by being little. That's what I hope to achieve as an AB.


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    'Being little' for me, is getting in touch with my most innermost-self. It's like what you do, except, for me, it's an end unto itself, rather than a means to an end. I don't really hope to achieve anything from my big life when I do it, although I suppose I do experience something similar; for instance, MamaYuri sometimes won't talk to my 'big' if we need to discuss something that's worrying me. She knows it's the LITTLE ('main') part of me that's scared and needs help, and the angriness and careless attitude of my *big* is jus' a cover-up.

    But really, I don't need anything more than that sense of being my true-self, and knowing I'm loved and cared for. I don't need to search for anything further in being little; I've found it in being little itself.

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    A very good question Incomplete, and one that I don't have a good answer. I never wanted to grow up, or be an adult, so staying little was a logical thing for me. I still act childish to my closest friends and especially my wife. I really have to watch it out in public. For me, I've always wanted to be in diapers, so wearing diapers is more of a natural impulse which compels me to act upon. I guess I hope to achieve a sense of peace, an ability to regress and feel like I'm 2 or 3.

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    I don't think I really have anything to gain from it so to speak. I do have things to lose though, like money. Bambinos are expensive I'm glad that I'm a DL though, diapers are so comfortable!

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    So I was gonna put this in my own thread, but since this kinda goes off what we were talking about a week ago I'll just put it here.

    For me, it's a bit of a grudging acceptance, a sort of give and take relationship between the rest of me and the AB side of me, there's a part of me that both hates and needs the AB side. One part of me is defined by his ability to be useful to other people, whose self worth is entirely derived from his abilities and his reputation. He wants to be the best, to redefine his career and for everyone to give him the respect he earned after he proves his worth. Everything he is is wrapped up in his notion of competence.

    The AB side of me is anything but competent. He's well-meaning, enthusiastic, but utterly incapable, even to the point of not wanting to be able to control his bodily functions (to me, symbolic of a true ineptitude, and dependence on another to check/re-diaper him, I apologize to those who are actually IC and are perfectly fine on their own, it's just what it means to me.). This side always plays for fun, never for keeps. He just wants to be friends with everyone, and do what he can to make people happy, by trying to help them out (which from my own memory and RP, never usually turns out being more than a hindrance. But it's the thought that counts, right?) or just giving them whatever sort of comfort he can. He has no ambition other than to help his friends and make them happy.

    What do I get out of my ABism? The AB side of me helps mellow me out, it's the part of me willing to let things go, the part of me who wants close and deep friendships, the part of me that's willing to feel sad and curl up into someone's lap while sniffling and whining. If you meet me on the street, you'll not see me crack or falter. You'll have to take my word for it, but I've been told by the assholes who've tried to piss me off intentionally that I'm more difficult than most to crack. I don't take my anger out on people, I try to approach everyone with kindness and understanding. I really think that's the AB side helping me, I've felt for a long time that the AB side of me is sort of a private "negative emotions dump" where I can feel safe in a fantasy world being small and helpless, when in the real world people look to me for guidance and strength.

    Another part of it is the curiosity, energy and willingness to fail that a child has. Usually this is stronger as the child is younger. There's an anecdote (it's been said there was a real study done, but I was unable to find any real proof of it, but I think the anecdote still stands) that goes like this:

    To me the AB side of me is the one that's ready and willing to charge ahead with new ideas, even if they're completely wrong. It's the side of me that thinks he's brilliant, even if he isn't, and is willing to follow Mrs. Frizzle's mantra of "Take chances, make mistakes, get messy". To learn by experience and not be afraid of what others think about you along the way. It's curiosity and exploration in earnest, and that's an immense source of innovation.

    Of course just like all children, they need someone to mind them. That's what the rest of me does, reticently. This is because that's the side that that lives in the real world, and who knows that the only way for people to take you seriously is to produce real results, and being wrong is okay, but being wrong all the time makes you less useful to people who need you. As such that side had a bit of a distain for my AB side all through my teen years, and would have been glad to lock that side up in a closet and forget about him. Through college and into my professional career, I've definitely realized that the two work as a team, and loosing either side would disrupt a careful balance that holds me together.

    To summarize: there's a part of me that needs to be as best as he can be, who wishes to be of some practical value to his friends, and who values competency and skill above all else. There's another part of me who needs to have a network of supporting and caring friends, who wishes to explore and create new things, and who values ingenuity and kindness to others. Apart you have an aloof analytical machine, who's ego is wrapped in being better than others, and a weak child, who's interesting ideas go nowhere without ambition. When both sides accept each other and work together, I achieve the best results.

    Note: I don't have a split personality, the two sides thing was purely metaphorical, just for those who might be confused ^^.

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    I just relay use it to relax and to feel cared for, which I haven't achieved jet as no one is relay caring for me

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    Achieve? Not really. I never asked for any of this to really happend. I do it because I crave it. It's something that helps me be able to cope with adult hood. I HATE GROWING UP! XD But alas I must do it. As a Kid I always wanted to drive.... and stay at age 16. Best of both worlds....but noooope I have to grow older and get independant. someimtes I freak out and get little. So essentially I get little because my body craves it. It started with diapers. I was a DL then well become an AB. It ust sort of happend. I'll stop now I"m just rambling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirst1 View Post
    I just relay use it to relax and to feel cared for, which I haven't achieved jet as no one is relay caring for me
    Aww, You'll find someone little girl. Its not something to achieve, just something to find

    Quote Originally Posted by LBcub View Post
    So I was gonna put this in my own thread, but since this kinda goes off what we were talking about a week ago I'll just put it here...
    Wow, I like the way you broke that down. I think I know someone who could get a lot from reading that. It also kinda echo's my feelings.

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