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    Im not a furry, but I was just looking up a review for the movie Preadtors on Yahoo and on the front page of their movies section they had stills for a new animated CGI movie called Alpha and Omega which just screams "furries" to me.

    'Alpha and Omega' Stills - Photo Gallery on Yahoo! Movies

    and I thought a movie called "Furry Vengeance" was bad.
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    i saw a poster for that at the theater. go to i'm gonna see it opening day

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    yes ima see it day after opening it looks pawsome(they said it not me hehehehe)

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    I just watched the trailer and I think it's going to flop. It just doesn't look it has a original plot at all and the jokes are very childish.

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    I think it will be quite cool. I'm going to also see it on opening day! 8D

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    Dunno. It looks decent, but since it's also touting the whole "3d" aspect of it, I'm a little wary of it. Frankly, the only really good 3d movie I've seen was Avatar, and even then, there were a number of issues that I found. So, I dunno. I'll probably end up going to go see it, but not right when it comes out.

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    Damn furries always getting everywhere...


    I swear furry-esque stuff seems to be more common these days...

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    So, it's a crappy toned-down version of Balto?

    Not furry.

    Also- Bolt, Balto, Clifford the Big Red Dog, These new fucks, none of them are furry.

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    I saw the trailer for it when I went to see The Last Airbender and it looks cool.

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