After reading the "how tall are you" thread I noticed a lot of people are tall and the people who were "average" were a minority. It made me question if growth hormones played a part in this. Its obvious that theres something wrong here, because I went to my little cousin's birthday party and I noticed some of the 6th graders had half a foot on me and were about 2 cup sizes larger. I don't think that's normal because at that age your supposed to be just hitting puberty.

Also, I think growth hormones are inhumane to the animals themselves. Companies are injecting animals with these chemicals to make them fatter before they meet their demise. I understand that meat industry is a business, but these poor animals can't even move in their cages. Its unsanitary and I think mutating us humans. i think everything would be better off if growth hormones weren't used (well everything except the slaughter house owners; fat wallets). So...what do you think?

oh and if this makes a difference, I was completely vegetarian and pushing vegan when I was going through puberty.